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11 Nightmare-Inducing Talking Toys No Child Should Own

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There certainly isn’t a lack of creepy talking toys out there. They got their start back in 1877 and have been nightmare fuel ever since. The horror genre has been filled with inanimate objects that spur to life with nothing but murder on their minds. Child's Play, The Twilight Zone, and even shows and books marketed towards children broach the subject of nightmare toys like the famous "Slappy the Dummy" from Goosebumps and the “The Haunting Hour” episode about the evil "Really You" doll.

The eeriest talking toys are those that are unintentionally scary, the ones that are meant to thrill and delight but instead induce the chilling feeling that there’s something sinister behind those plastic eyes. This list is a collection of scary toys for kids that would give even a full-grown man a serious case of the heebee jeebees.