• Graveyard Shift

10 Creepy And Terrifying Houses In The Woods

On a blustery and tumultuous night, you may find yourself taking a shortcut through the woods. Down a long dirt road, your car runs over something that punctures your tires. The rain splatters against your windshield as you shiver in your seat. Then you see, off in the distance, a house. It's just visible through dark tree branches, but if you can make it there, you might find a comfortable and dry place to rest your head for the night or even someone that might help you. At the very least, they might have a phone you could use. What's the worst that could happen?

Here are a dozen creepy houses, found lost and forsaken in the deep, dark woods. Who used to live in them and where did they go? And who - or what - might you find lurking inside these houses today?

  • A Harbinger Bird Of Doom

    This house already has an ominous black bird waiting to peck at your remains.

  • Ready For A Ritual

    This ritual-ready home comes complete with a symbol one might use to conjure a demon.

    And because it's abandoned and located in the woods, there will be no pesky neighbors to alert the authorities to your dabbling in the dark arts. 

  • An Abandoned Doll In An Abandoned Home

    According to the photographer, this forsaken baby doll was found in an "abandoned house in the woods just off of Hwy 74 in Oklahoma. Creepiest place I've ever experienced."

    Probably just a family that had to up and run from a ghost in the middle of the night. Maybe the ghost is still there. 

  • A Home In The Mist

    Remember Stephen King's The Mist, where a weird fog just overtook a town one day and all of a sudden there were monsters?

    That's probably what happened here.