Graveyard Shift The 15 Creepiest Texas Urban Legends  

Jacoby Bancroft
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Every state in America has its own set of myths and urban legends, and Texas is no different. Texas urban legends are some of the creepiest in the United States, and they might make you think twice before planning a visit. 

Texan urban legends are very diverse, ranging from a deranged headless horseman, to a baby with fangs powerful enough  to rip out your throat, to children with pitch-black eyes that wander the night. Whatever horror you can imagine, you'll likely be able to find it in Texas. Check out the list below for some of the scariest stories from one of America's biggest states and vote up the creepy urban legends from Texas that scare you the most. 

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Black-Eyed Children

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Children are creepy in any context, so any urban legend including black-eyed children is bound to turn some heads. In the late 90s, a journalist named Brian Bethel was working in his town of Abilene, Texas, when he encountered something that he'll remember until the day he dies. 

He was parked outside a movie theater when two children knocked on his window. For reasons he couldn't understand, he was completely gripped with fear. He rolled down the window and the kids asked for a ride back to their house so they could get cash for the movie. His fear made him hesitate, but the kids were persistent. They kept saying weird things, like how they weren't armed or anything. Once Bethel looked back at the kids, he was terrified to see that their eyes had turned pitch black. They started screaming at him that they could only come in the car if he invited them in, and he quickly drove away. As a journalist, he spread the word, and was surprised when other people wrote back saying they had experienced something similar. 
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Demon's Road

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In Huntsville, Texas, the stretch of land officially known as Bowden Road is more commonly referred to as Demon's Road for all the strange occurrences that have happened on it. Perhaps it has something to do with the cemetery at the end of the road, where people have reported seeing ghostly figures wander around at night. The most popular myth includes a woman who saw a man walking around the cemetery, but didn't pay him any attention. Days later, the woman was getting into the shower when all of the sudden the same man from the cemetery was there in her bathroom before quickly disappearing. 
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Ghostly Nurse of Bexar County Hospital

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If legend is to be believed, you don't want to go to the old Bexar County Hospital. There, a murderous spirit wandered the halls, killing patients in order of their room number. It started in one ward in the hospital, where patients kept asking about a particular nurse. The staff checked the security cameras and found the patients were seemingly speaking to no one. Then the patients started dying in their room number order. 

This urban legend is most likely based on the real-life Genene Jones, who was a worker at the hospital who poisoned up to 50 infants during her time there. 


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Hell's Gate

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If a lot of people die in one place, it's a safe bet to assume the place will have some spiritual significance. In Arlington, there's an ancient trail practically grown over with trees and underbrush. It leads to a spot where supposedly a large number of Union soldiers were executed. The last thing the soldiers saw before they were hanged was a gigantic iron gate. Because of that, it was nicknamed Hell's Gate, and it's said that if you walk the trail, you can still hear the cries of the people who lost their lives at the spot.