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The Creepiest Texas Urban Legends

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Every state in America has its own set of myths and urban legends, and Texas is no different. Texas urban legends are some of the creepiest in the United States, and they might make you think twice before planning a visit. 

Texan urban legends are very diverse, ranging from a deranged headless horseman to a baby with fangs powerful enough to rip out your throat to children with pitch-black eyes that wander the night. Whatever horror you can imagine, you'll likely be able to find it in Texas. Check out the list below for some of the scariest stories from one of America's biggest states and vote up the creepy urban legends from Texas that scare you the most. 

  • 13. The Chupacabra

    It's one of the most legendary urban myths of all time, and although reports of the Chupacabra initially popped up in Puerto Rico, over the years the creature, or creatures, seem to have migrated to Texas. One popular story occurred in Cuero, Texas, where a farmer was having trouble with a creature who was taking her farm's chickens. Soon, the Cuero farmer found what appeared to be a dog cadaver.

    Its characteristics were some of the oddest the farmer had ever seen: it looked like a canine/coyote hybrid; it had practically no hair, with grayish-blue skin and a long snout; the two incisors on the top and bottom of the jaw made it clear that the creature relied on blood for sustenance, a popular trait of the legendary Chupacabra.

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  • 14. The Fang Baby

    Photo: Yennafah / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

    This urban legend plays out like some sort of twisted horror movie. Back in San Antonio in the '60s, a group of friends were driving home late at night when they noticed something small in the road. They swerved to avoid it, but they all could've sworn afterwards that it looked like a toddler with a blood-stained mouth. The next day, one of the guys went back to that stretch of road to check things out, but blew a tire when he arrived.

    When he stopped to rest for a bit, the guy drifted off to sleep. When he woke up, he found the toddler sitting on his lap. The last thing he saw before he perished was that the toddler had two fangs sticking out over its top lip. 

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  • 15. The Chinese Cemetery

    An urban legend known as The Chinese Cemetery involves forbidden romance and lost love. In one of the oddest urban legends on this list, the story goes that the great-grandfather of the current owner of the cemetery forbid an uncle, who was of Anglo-Hispanic origin, from marrying his true love, who allegedly was a seven-foot-tall Chinese woman.

    Both of them perished and now they both wander the cemetery looking to be united with one another. The legend says that if you drive to the edge of the cemetery, the Chinese woman will reach out and touch you.  

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