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People Describe The Creepiest Messages They’ve Ever Received From Someone

The modern world offers incredible technological wonders, but the downside is that it also allows people to send out creepy text messages and inappopriate DMs.

The following creepy text stories are not paranormal; these messages were sent by everyday people who either had axes to grind or obsessions they hoped to fulfill. As such, these may be some of the creepiest text messages and DMs you will ever read.

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    A Friendly Online Game Turns Horrifying

    From Redditor /u/ZaidaBeatrice:

    Was playing some [Counter Strike: Global Offensive]. Teammate started out really nice at the start of the game. We started losing and he got really really toxic. I told him to calm down or something like that and he said, “I will f*cking kill you in real life.”

    After the game, he sent me a friend request. I accepted, expecting him to do some trash talking and call me sh*t. Instead he sent me my address, my dad’s full name, and my phone number. Being 16, I was terrified.

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    Someone Was Watching Them

    From Redditor /u/Real_Kristinana:

    This happened when I was around 16 or 17. I was on a bus and in my school’s sport uniform. Then I got a text from an unsaved number asking, “Are you not cold in those thin clothes?” (It was a chill morning.)

    So I looked around inside the bus [and] immediately got another text: “Stop looking you’re not going to find me.”

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    A Potential Bed-Buyer Asks A Disturbing Question

    From Redditor /u/downvoteforwhy:

    I was selling a bed on Facebook. Before you start thinking of what could have been sent to me, let me tell you, you’re wrong and it’s worse. 

    It began with the automated, “Are you still selling this?” 

    I replied, “Yes.”

    Seven MONTHS later I get a message, “Did your kid sleep in it? Did he wet the bed at all?” 

    I replied, “No I slept on it, it’s perfectly clean” (and thought to myself, well, that’s fine, I would want to know if a kid had peed on the bed I’m gonna buy, [and] also yes, I still hadn’t sold it yet).

    He replied, “Too bad.” 

    Then I realized he was only interested in it if a kid had slept in it and peed. Sent chills down my spine that I was possibly talking to a pedophile.

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    He Was Warned To Stop Having Relations With Truck Drivers

    From Redditor /u/MAYA3024:

    A random number sent me a long SMS in which he argued that I shouldn't be f*cking truck drivers for cheap money while I can hook up with him and his rich friends for much more money.

    I replied that I am a guy and he probably has the wrong number, to which he replied that he knew who I was and gave me my university dorm address. I blocked him instantly but it creeped me [out] so much then. It might have been a prank, but it didn't sound like one, and I was an international student there so I didn't really have friends who would prank me like that.