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Creepy Easter Eggs Hidden In The Background Of Movies

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A well-crafted and visionary film is essentially a living entity with infinitely varying facets. For every single shot in a horror movie, there's a wealth of peripheral images to analyze - bizarre background action or creepy movie Easter eggs that are just waiting to be discovered. 

Not all of the these Easter eggs are designed to be enigmatic, however. Some ostensibly "hidden" messages in movies are actually right there in plain sight. The legendary David Lynch, for example, is well known for his attention to detail, but as evinced by many bizarre behind-the-scenes Hollywood stories, even Disney has been known to dabble in bawdy subliminal imagery.

  • Photo: The Matrix Reloaded / Warner Bros.

    It's no secret that The Matrix series is widely considered a biblical allegory. In Reloaded they even take it one step further by naming Bible verses in subliminal ways. Agent Smith's license plates, for example, read "IS 5416," which is a reference to Isaiah 54:16: "See, it is I who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into flame and forges a weapon fit for its work. And it is I who have created the destroyer to wreak havoc." 

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  • Photo: The Triplets Of Belleville / Tartan Films

    Depicting human excrement in an animated comedy, or any movie really, would generally be an egregious faux pas. But in 2003 comedy The Triplets of Belleville, bowel movement remnants clearly float in an animated toilet bowl. Moreover, it appears to be in the shape of Mickey Mouse's face.

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  • Photo: Lost Highway / October Films

    David Lynch's Lost Highway, which premiered in 1997, is full of subtle demarcation lines that mark the transition from real life into nightmare. One of the first people to notice such a moment was the late literary giant David Foster Wallace.  

    There are three paintings above the couch in Patricia Arquette and Bill Pullman's house, and after Arquette is slain, the paintings are upside down. 

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  • 1986's Blue Velvet is veritably agleam with rich, strange, and macabre visual bounty. One of the movie's most bizarre props, however, concerns the famously grotesque dolls that appear without acknowledgment or explanation in the background of Ben's apartment.

    With their monstrously elongated and oozing white faces, their eyes like black holes, and their ladylike clothing they add a disturbing mystery to the film. 

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