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The Creepiest Things in Minecraft

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Minecraft is a special kind of game, one that includes some creepiness. It's not that Minecraft's creepy, but it does feature odd and unnerving moments and characters. There's a raging debate about whether or not some of the scary things in Minecraft are even really real. For example, while many people assume that Herobrine isn't real, the creator of the game likes to tease gamers every once and a while and suggest that he only appears during really specific times. There are also a bunch of Minecraft maps that could be considered creepy.

While it's fun to speculate about creepy things in Minecraft, not all of them are so mysterious. There are plenty of scary things that people have discovered and created all on their own. And with the introduction of new skins and add-ons that came courtesy of the "Friendly Update," there are sure to be plenty more creepy things to come.

Minecraft is highly unique, not just as a game but as an interactive social entity. With the creation and community aspects, you get a world that is unlike anything else. Most people might be playing the happy and colorful Minecraft, but there's also a creepy Minecraft just waiting to be explored.

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    A Small Girl Holding a Knife In a Bloody Room

    Photo: rexxgon / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0
    One surefire way to make Minecraft scarier is to add creepy mods. One set of users took a page out of a horror novel for their creepy mod creation. They whipped up a room with a small girl who says creepy things, holds a knife, and slowly drains your health. Worst of all, she screams horrifically when you're about to die, cranking the creepy factor up to 11.
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    The Elusive Herobrine

    Photo: Empyrius II / flickr / CC-BY 2.0
    Herobrine is a big part of Minecraft lore at this point. Of course, there's no confirmation that he actually exists, but that hasn't stopped the rampant speculation. Some say Herobrine is simply a ghost, others claim that he's the dead brother of the game's  creator. Many gamers scoff at the idea of his existence, but for those who claim to have seen the mysterious character, he's as real as anything else in the game.
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    Realistic Zombie Pigman

    Photo: Mojang
    The zombie pigmen in Minecraft can be gross enough on their own, but add  a little bit of imagination to the mix, picturing them realistically, and they reach another level of scary.
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    Zombie Villagers in Igloo Basements

    Video: YouTube
    Finding a deep basement under an igloo is pretty suspicious. Inside the basement are two cages, one with a person and one with a zombie, along with a bunch of potions and whatnot. So obviously, someone is experimenting on people and zombies, taking the "oh no" factor up another level.
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