People Share The Creepiest Things They Found After Moving Into A New House

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When you've lived in a house for long enough, it's hard to imagine that there may have been many people before you that, ate, slept, and just lived within those same walls. But all of these people found things that made them never forget it. So here are all those creepy things found by new homeowners fresh after moving in, because while the home may have been new to them, it certainly had a history of its own. Vote up the stories that give you the shivers, and happy house hunting!

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    Locked In

    Posted by u/Salti_Fish:

    This house was gross, with [deceased] bees and bugs everywhere. But the strangest thing was the deadbolt locks on the outside of the doors to the children's bedrooms, and the scratch marks on the inside. That must've been some creepy, messed-up way of punishing their kid.

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    Lost To History

    Posted by a former Redditor:

    Bought an old New Orleans garden district home in the '60s... As most antebellum homes in that city, it had a slave quarters. In the back room of what was the slave quarters, there was a loose kickboard at the base of the wall... Opened it up and found parts of a human skeleton - not complete, but a bunch of bones.

    The coroner took the bones away and said that all the bones came from different people.

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    Cold Case

    Posted by a Redditor:

    My paternal Grandpa owned an old Victorian home that was built in the mid-1800s. After he passed away, the new owners were renovating the home and discovered a female human skeleton underneath the floorboards.

    The story goes that a territorial judge built the house in the 1880s. He lived in it with his wife, they had problems, and she "left." Less than a year later, he marries the prettiest young lady in town. The new owners found the skeleton in the mid-1980s. No DNA testing at the time. No living relatives of the judge.

    For anyone who has the time to investigate, name of the town is Spring City, UT. That's all I know... Kind of crazy. Back then, no one questioned the law.

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    Playing Hangman

    Posted by a former Redditor:

    My dad found a bunch of green army men tied up hanging in his wall. They were doing renovations and decided to knock down a wall. Underneath the plaster, in the space between the two plaster pieces, there were dozens, dozens of green army men, tied around their necks with string hanging down.

    Bonus: In the backyard, they found several buried doll heads. Old ones, too, they were porcelain. Not all the dolls, just the heads.

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    Pieces Of A Life

    Posted by u/kevschu:

    Wife and I decided a house that was built in 1900 would be good for our first home...

    In the wall of the dining room where our bay windows are, I found the social security card for a woman. The last name wasn’t one that was ever registered with the home. I didn’t think anything of it, so I tossed it. A few weeks later, I started ripping the yard apart with a Bobcat since it was overgrown... A driver's license for the same lady surfaced in the backyard. I hadn’t kept the social, so I didn’t think it was worth holding on to, and tossed it as well. Two months later, after the backyard was reseeded with grass coming in, I found a Shell gas credit card of the same lady just lying on the grass by our gate in the backyard.

    Our friends think I was pretty dumb for not holding onto that stuff and investigating. I suppose, subconsciously, I didn’t want to find out something bad happened to that person in the house. I mean, how does someone’s social security card end up inside the wall of a 100+ year old house, and their driver's license in the ground in the backyard? The thing that threw me off was the Shell gas card I found just resting on top of the grass, that couldn’t have been very old.

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    What Lies Beneath

    Posted by u/jmezz2:

    When we moved in, we did some massive landscaping. Moved at least the top two feet of soil around on an entire acre. During this process, we found at least 20 pairs of women's clothing buried in the yard.

    The previous and only owner was a single male.

    I was pretty sure we were going to find bones at some point, but thankfully, just clothes.

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