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The Creepiest Things Ever Found in Stairwells and Staircases  

Christopher Shultz
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What is it about staircases and stairwells? They're straight up creepy. Is it because of their inherent ability to trap a person? Their perpetual mystery, because you never know what's lurking at the top or bottom, or even underneath those creaking steps? Whatever the reason, real-life stories of creepy stairs and stairwells pop up in the news often, perpetuating their natural creepiness. Here are ten such tales of creepy things found in stairwells and staircases to keep you on the ground floor for some time. 
Missing Woman Discovered in Rarely Used Stairwell

British-born Lynne Spalding checked into San Francisco General Hospital on September 19, 2013, for a urinary tract infection. She became disoriented from her medications and, despite showing signs of improvement, disappeared from her bed two days later.  

More than two weeks passed before Spalding was finally discovered dead inside a rarely used stairwell. More perplexing is that the only door leading to this stairwell is connected to an alarm that should sound if opened, so how exactly Spalding ended up there is a mystery.
Fetus Discovered in Housing Project Stairwell
Little information surfaced in June 2015 when a fetus was discovered in a Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn housing project. Though the likely scenario should be apparent, verifiable details on how the fetus wound up there never materialized.
Boy Starved Inside Staircase Closet

Bradley and Tammi Bleymeyer were charged with a felony in March 2014, when they were discovered keeping their five-year-old son imprisoned in a closet under the stairs. They gave him one piece of bread and a glass of water every day. 

Bradley, the boy's biological father (Tammi is his stepmother), drugged the boy to keep him quiet when guests were over. At the time of his discovery, Jordan weighed just 29 pounds. Fortunately, he survived the ordeal.
A Possible Torture Room
Reddit user hand_banana posted this image thread of a secret room discovered underneath the stairs in a fixer-upper house. In addition to the creepy poster of the woman's eye, there were scraps of paper with "such pain" and "like the tears" scribbled on them. The door to the room locks from the outside. Is this a macabre prank left by the previous owners, or something far more sinister?