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These Everyday People Describe The Creepiest Thing That's Ever Happened In Their Homes

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Our homes are supposed to be a safe space, the one place where we truly can let our guard down and relax... or so we thought. 

Imagine you're in bed one night after reading about creepiest things in people's homes. Suddenly, you're awoken by a loud thud on your roof. You almost dismiss it. But then you hear another thud, followed by the tapping and scraping of claws on a metal roof. You decide to ignore it, huddled beneath your covers. Eventually, the sounds stops... until the next night.

If you want to find out what's on the roof or just love to read incredibly spooky stories, then check out these Reddit confessions of the creepiest things that have ever happened in someone's home, and vote up the scariest ones. 

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    A Murdered Woman In The Attic

    From Facefoxa:

    "At my old apartment, we had a strange series of events occur that lead us to believe that someone was living in our ceiling. We called her the ceiling lady.

    In the middle of the night, we'd frequently hear kitchen cupboards opening and closing. A few times, I came home from work to find items on the counter that I didn't buy (I was a total bachelor at the time, as was my roommate, and we'd find things like dirty cans of beans and cooking ingredients that neither of us bought). Things would go missing randomly from the kitchen.

    One night in particular was really scary.

    My roommate gets sleep paralysis, which is spooky in itself. But one night, he woke up, and saw a woman in raggedy clothes standing over him, just looking at him. After a few moments she walked out of the room. The same night, my girlfriend slept over, and woke up because someone next to the bed asked her if she was thirsty and she realized there was somebody in the room. She was terrified and didn't make a sound, she just stared at the person. I woke up about 10 seconds later because I heard the bedroom door slam and she was sitting bolt upright. We talked with my roommate about it the next day, and both of them described seeing the same person.

    There was a hatch in the hallway, in the ceiling, that had been nailed shut long before we moved in. We're convinced that she was murdered in the apartment and her body was hidden in the ceiling, and now she haunts the apartment."

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    Shadows On The Wall

    From Kimball___:

    "When I was a kid I had no curtains or blinds over my window in my room. There's a street lamp just outside my window, so anything that walks past my window (like a deer) would cast a shadow onto the wall opposite of my window.

    Two nights in a row I woke up to see the shadow of a man on my wall. I didn't have enough courage to turn and look up at the window to see who it was. It was late at night too, I knew it couldn't be my dad because I could hear him snoring. The worst part is my bed was in front of the window with my head at the bottom of the window, so whoever was behind me could probably see me.

    I think this is the scariest.. because it's not something supernatural. There's a good chance it actually was a person creeping in some little girls bedroom window."

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    Ghost Phone

    From princessfafa:

    "My older sister and I shared a bedroom. Since there was a time period when her and I couldn't sleep either due to horrible nightmares, noises in the night etc etc. her and I started sleeping in the same bed. I had a queen size bed and she had a twin. We both slept in my bed because we were scared to sleep alone. My bed was pushed up against the wall, and this wall was connected to our garage.

    One night my sister shakes me to wake me up and says to me :do you hear that?' I sat up groggily and stayed silent. Then I heard a "Bang" like someone with a closed fist hitting the other side of the wall of where my bed was pressed up against. A few seconds later another BANG coming from a different part of the wasll. I sat there in disbelief and then another BANG from another part of the wall. Our door was opened and you could see across the hall into our parents room and their door was closed. Then another BANG, so finally my sister made a fist and started punching the wall back. When she finished we both sat there in silence as to wait if it would respond.

    As we sat there in silence my cell phone started to ring "who the hell is calling me at this hour?" I though. Just would like to mention that this happened in 2004. So I crawl over to where my phone was (on the floor plugged in charging) and I see my sisters cell phone on the display screen. I turn around and look at my sister and say "your cell phone is calling me". Her phone was charging right next to mine on the floor, and she had one of those flip phones that back in the day you had to literally open up to dial out. Her closed phone somehow managed to call my phone. She look at me and said "what?" then climbed over me to her phone and sure enough on the outgoing calls was my number. We hauled ass out our room. It was just super creepy how it all seemed to happened at the exact same time.

    We never did figure out what was banging on our wall, just would like to mention the banging happened all over from the top right corner all the way down to the bottom left. How it reached up all the way to the top of the wall of the ceiling IDK. That's what makes me think it wasn't a person, plus our garage door was locked and closed and we never heard it open or closed. And when we got up to haul *ss out our bedroom, it woke my parents up so we new it couldn't have been them."

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    Attempted Robbery By The Joker

    From Z0MBGiEF:

    "When I was in my teens my parents took a vacation but left their cars in the driveway. It was just my grandmother (who lived in our house), my younger sister and myself for almost two weeks.

    One random night I woke up to our dog growling and the motion censor lights in our back yard turning on. I got up and walked towards the front of the house and noticed a shadow coming through the bottom of the door crack (somebody was standing there). I slowly crept my way to the peephole and when I looked out, I saw a giant eyeball looking in. I froze for a second in a panic and then rushed to the phone to call 911.

    As I was running away from the door the person did one really loud slam on the front door and gave off a laugh that could've been the Joker from Batman. As I'm calling the police, I run to one of the windows to see if I can see what the person looks like and notice an old sh*tty car speeding off down the street.

    I never knew who it was or why they were there. The police believed it was burglers thinking nobody had been in the house because the cars hadn't moved in days."

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