Graveyard Shift These Everyday People Describe The Creepiest Thing That's Ever Happened In Their Homes  

Brandon Michaels
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Our homes are supposed to be a safe space, the one place where we truly can let our guard down and relax... or so we thought. 

Imagine you're in bed one night after reading about creepiest things in people's homes. Suddenly, you're awoken by a loud thud on your roof. You almost dismiss it. But then you hear another thud, followed by the tapping and scraping of claws on a metal roof. You decide to ignore it, huddled beneath your covers. Eventually, the sounds stops... until the next night.

If you want to find out what's on the roof or just love to read incredibly spooky stories, then check out these Reddit confessions of the creepiest things that have ever happened in someone's home, and vote up the scariest ones. 

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Nearly Strangled With Barbed-Wire

From jakeO_23:

"My family and I used to live in a rough neighborhood when I was a kid, 7yo. One night, it was just my mom, me, and my two siblings at home and my dad was gone on a business trip. That night around midnight, someone started knocking on our door.

My mom woke up and went to the front door and asked who it was. No one answered. She thought that maybe it was some kids playing ding dong ditch, so she went back to bed. About thirty minutes later, again, someone starts knocking.

She gets up and peers through the side window to see if she can spot anyone out there, but nobody is there. She starts to worry so she goes back to the room and grabs my dads shotgun and sits in the living room in the dark waiting. Again, there's knocking. My mom begins shouting at whoever it is that she is going to call the cops and that if anyone tries to come in, that she would shoot them.

At about 2am, the police finally show up and do a quick search outside of our house while we waited inside. After their search, they tell my mom that they had found a piece of barbwire about 4 feet long next to the front door and asked if it belonged to my mom. She said that it wasn't hers and asked why. The cop told her it belonged to whoever was knocking on the door.

They were planning on strangling my mom with the barbwire when she opened the door to see was knocking. They said that she was very smart to not open the door to see who's there otherwise that could have cost her life. The cops said that they'd patrol the neighborhood until morning and do a thorough investigation once there was daylight.

That morning, as they were searching around the house, the found footprints leading around to the back of the house leading up to my bedroom window. They had also found knicks in the window seal where they were trying to pry open the window to break in but failed. After that, we moved out of that house."

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Missing Dog

From fuzzo45:

"I was upstairs playing video games when I heard a dog whimper from the kitchen area, which is right at the bottom of the stairs.

I figure that it's my dog having to go out, so I call her and ask if she does. But she just runs upstairs, she looks as though someone just scolded her. But she's a timid dog so I thought nothing of it.

5 minutes later I'm finishing up the game and about to let her out when I hear the same dog whimper, but my dog is right next to me. I'm a little weirded out. Then it happens again, followed by what I can only describe as a meager attempt of a human imitating a dog whimper.

Now I'm flipping out. I'm not sure if there's an intruder or what. Trying to be rational I'm thinking maybe my uncle came with his dog to check on me and they're just playing downstairs. While all these thoughts are going through my head the whimpers continue, the dog goes and then the human, just back and forth. All of this is takes place over maybe 30 seconds. 

I grow a pair and start to approach the top of the stairs as quietly as possible. My dog has also got up and looks scared. But as I got to the stairs, the noise gets quieter. I hear one last muffled human whimper, except this time is sounds like it's upstairs in a corner. I nearly shat my pants and had a knife on me the rest of the week.

Worse yet, over the past month my dog has gone missing 4 times. And I'm talking like my mom alerted the neighbors and did a full search through the house, inside and out, not finding her for hours, and then suddenly we hear her crying from a closet upstairs. She's somehow locked herself in it.

It's the first place we check now and even then there's been a time where she's missing, the closet is open so we continue the search and then 10 minutes later we find her locked in that closet."

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Disappearing Mom

From dibshi:

"When I was younger I spent the day helping a neighbor rake leaves on his property. He was friendly with my family so he walked me home to say hi to my parents. We walked into the house and heard my mom upstairs talking (it sounded like she was on the phone) and walking around. I called for my dad- no answer. My neighbor says "Well it sounds like your mom is on the phone, I'll catch them another time."

We say goodbye and he leaves. I go upstairs to see my mom but I can't seem to find her or hear her anymore. I search the house and it's empty. I'm thinking, "Did she leave the house while I was saying goodbye to the neighbor somehow?"

I call my dad's cell (my mom didn't have one) and he picks right up- I ask him where he is, and if he knows where mom went. "We're at the store, we've been running errands for a couple of hours." Instant goosebumps.

My neighbor and I both heard footsteps upstairs and a woman's voice. No idea who or what it was, but we both heard it. I waited outside until my parents got home."

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Shadows On The Wall

From Kimball___:

"When I was a kid I had no curtains or blinds over my window in my room. There's a street lamp just outside my window, so anything that walks past my window (like a deer) would cast a shadow onto the wall opposite of my window.

Two nights in a row I woke up to see the shadow of a man on my wall. I didn't have enough courage to turn and look up at the window to see who it was. It was late at night too, I knew it couldn't be my dad because I could hear him snoring. The worst part is my bed was in front of the window with my head at the bottom of the window, so whoever was behind me could probably see me.

I think this is the scariest.. because it's not something supernatural. There's a good chance it actually was a person creeping in some little girls bedroom window."

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