• Graveyard Shift

There Is A Secret Underground Vault In The Vatican That Might Conceal Head-Exploding Information

Whether you're religious or not, it's intriguing to consider the numerous proven as well as rumored creepy artifacts contained within the secret Vatican archives. No one outside of the pope's inner circle is likely to ever see many of these historic items, although you can see a few strange things in the Vatican during your next trip to Rome. The pope could choose to clear up dozens of conspiracy theories, but in most situations, the Vatican appears to prefer ignoring many of the oddest rumors and merely denying others.

Of course, this doesn't mean that none of the theories would hold up to closer scrutiny. Perhaps that's exactly why the existence of most of the reputed weird Vatican objects has never been officially denied. Are the rumored items real or merely imaginative conspiracy theories? Either way, they just might provide a glimpse into the secret life of the Vatican. Read on to discover which ones actually exist - and which ones exist as rumors and mysteries.   

  • Evidence That Jesus Christ Never Existed

    Photo: thurlbut / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    If you were the pope, what's the one secret you'd need to guard above all others? One conspiracy theory posits that the biggest secret in history is that the Vatican contains proof Jesus never existed. There's also a rumor that the exact opposite is true - linked to the Jesus Papers - although it doesn't make much sense that the Catholic Church would go out of their way to hide evidence of Jesus.

    After all, if they could conclusively prove his existence, their churches would probably experience a huge increase in membership.  

  • The Illuminati's Records Of World History... From The Future

    The Illuminati and conspiracy theorists go together like macaroni and cheese. Therefore, it's only natural that the Illuminati supposedly has control of who holds most official Vatican positions. After all, this would enable them to exert an even greater level of control over the world, and it would provide them with access to the Vatican's secret objects.

    One particularly interesting theory states that the Illuminati has records stashed in the Vatican that pertain to future events. If the Illuminati actually had this power, they'd be able to see what's going to happen without human intervention, meaning they allowed countless tragedies.

  • A Chronovisor That Enables People To See The Past

    What would you do if you could see the past and even take pictures of it? For the pope, apparently, the answer is "not much." At least that's what's suggested by the rumor of the chronovisor. This alleged device could allow someone to view a specific historical date and time - and possibly the future. Some believe this device actually exists and that one of them resides hidden in the Vatican.

    The Catholic Church could easily use a chronovisor to prove the existence of Jesus. Therefore, this rumor is likely nothing more than a myth - unless the Vatican has a reason to sit on one of the greatest inventions of all time. 

  • Skulls Of Extraterrestrial Beings

    A conspiracy theory that's gained a lot of traction involves the Vatican covering up the existence of aliens. Supposedly, one of the Vatican's numerous renovation projects uncovered the buried remains of extraterrestrial life. An excavation crew discovered these skulls in 1998, and even Catholic archdioceses question the existence of aliens and what that means for their religious doctrines.

    Some claim that Pope John Paul II knew all about the aliens and agreed to participate in a massive conspiracy to hide the truth. Where's Mulder and Scully when you need them?