People Are Revealing The Most Bone-Chilling Thing A Child Has Ever Said To Them

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It's easy to blame an overactive imagination when a child experiences the unexplainable. However, parents of young children know that the unexplainable isn't always easy to explain away. These stories of children saying bone-chilling things are proof that just a few words can leave a long-lasting impression. Vote up the creepiest stories!

Some posts have been edited for length and clarity. All posts come courtesy of this discussion thread posted by u/Jumpy-Airline575.

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    An Old Name From A Past Life

    From Redditor u/MegAgainstTheMachine:

    When I was pregnant with my oldest, I had a doc appointment where I was told that even though it was still a little early to tell, I was having a boy. I was also told that there was a possibility he had Down syndrome. So, I got an amniocentesis done because I couldn’t go 9 months without knowing.

    The night before the results came back, I had the craziest most vivid dream. In my dream all of the women in my family were at my mother’s house. My nana who passed when I was a child was holding my baby. The whole dream I kept just trying to see the baby.

    When I finally saw the baby, I saw that it was a girl who did not have Down syndrome. Also, in my dream her name was Sophie. As soon as I woke up I knew I had a healthy baby.

    Later on that day, the doc called and said that my baby was healthy and that I was actually having a girl. I felt like I had to name her Sophie but eventually decided against it.

    Years later, when she was about 3, I asked her one day if she liked her name. She said “Yeah, it’s ok but I like my old name better.” I asked what her old name was and she said “You know, my old name, Sophie?”

    I was freaked out to say the least.


    TL;DR: When I was pregnant, I was told I was having a boy and that there was a possibility he'd have Down Syndrome. I took a test just to know. That night, I had a vivid dream where I met a baby girl named Sophie. When I woke up, I got a call that my baby was not only healthy but actually a girl. I knew then I had to name her Sophie but went against it. Years later, I asked her how she liked her name. She said, "I liked my old name better." When I asked her old name, she responded with Sophie.  

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    An Eerie Prediction Comes True

    From Redditor u/DollyB54:

    I was nursing my second born daughter, Wendy, when my then three year old daughter came in and said, “When Wendy passes, I’m going to get a brother!”

    Wendy was perfectly healthy, but fast forward one week and Wendy developed an overwhelming ear infection (according to the autopsy) and passed suddenly. Three years later, I gave birth to a son, to no one’s surprise.

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    Someone's Sitting On The Chair

    From Redditor u/VinneeDee24:

    This one time I was babysitting my neighbour’s kid. He’s sitting on the love seat and I’m on the couch. He says, “Vinny, who’s this guy?” We are the only ones home.

    So, I’m looking around and he points beside him and starts describing what he sees. The hair went up on my arms and I got serious chills.

    I say to the kid, "I don’t know who it is but let’s go sit outside for awhile."

    He had described one of my brother's friends perfectly. It was unnerving since he'd passed way before the kid was born.


    TL;DR: I was babysitting my neighbor's kid and he asked me, "who's this guy?" and points to nothing beside him. He describes the man and I suggested we go outside. 

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    An Unknown Voice Responds

    From Redditor u/audigirl81:

    We lived in a 200+ year old condo in Salem, MA that had a bunch of creepy things happen. 

    My son had just started walking. He was starting to say mama, dada, simple words, etc. He toddled back to our bedroom and said, “Hi!” And I heard a deep “Hello.” in response. Thinking it was my husband, I ran back to celebrate another word. Only to find my son alone.

    My husband was at the other end of the condo.


    TL;DR: When my son started saying simple words, he was in our bedroom and said, "Hi!" I heard a deep voice respond, "Hello." I went into the room, thinking my husband was there but found my son completely alone.

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    Waiting In The Closet

    From Redditor u/_-Munk-_:

    I moved into my brother's old house after he moved out, and one day I was babysitting his youngest son. While we where playing videos games, he paused the game and looked at me with a concerned look, and said, "I can still hear her." I asked who he hears, and he said, "The little girl in the closet, she's crying for her daddy."

    That gave me the chills because it aligned with an earlier experience I had in that closet.

    I converted the kid's old room to my music studio. As I was setting up the mic, I did a test recording where I jokingly asked if there were any spirits in the room, like I was doing an EVP, and I laughed to myself cause I was just fooling around. When I listened to the recording I heard what sounded like a girl's voice after my laugh.

    At the time, I didn't take it serious and thought I was just scaring myself, but after the experience with my nephew I think it might have been real.

    When I told my brother what my nephew said, he told me the lock to the door used to face the hallway instead of inside the room, like the family who lived here before him locked the room from the outside.


    TL;DR: I moved into my brother's old house. When I was babysitting my nephew, he said he could still hear the little girl in the closet. This aligned with an experience I had in my nephew's old room. I converted it into my music studio and did a test recording where I thought I heard a little girl's voice but thought I was scaring myself. When I told my brother, he told me the locks on the room used to lock from the outside which really unsettled me. 

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    Remembering A Past Memory

    From Redditor u/rych9495:

    When my son was about five years old, he said to my mother-in-law, "Remember when I was an old man and you were a little girl and I would hold your hand and we would walk past the castles?"

    My mother-in-law grew up in a small German town and her grandfather would walk her to kindergarten every day. On the way, they passed a small estate that looked very much like a castle.

    She hadn’t ever talked about it in front of my son. Really freaked her out.

    TL;DR: My son recalled an accurate memory about my mother-in-law's childhood, despite her never talking about her childhood in front of my son. Really freaked her out.

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