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The Creepiest Things Ever Overheard by Random People on the Internet

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We've all been in some dingy bar or in line at a fast food restaurant and heard someone say something that was really creepy. Whether it was an out of context statement about a blood transfusion or something a little more invasive, when you hear these things your mind begins to wander and think up all new terrible situations to surround that statement. Some of the fine folks on the Internet have shared some of the disturbing things overheard while going about their daily life, and they gave us the creeps. If you think you can handle the terror of real life, continue reading this collection of questionable things overheard in public.

It's surprising what one can hear in public when they close their mouths and open their ears. It turns out that most people not only have a problem with volume control, but they also over-share an extreme amount. A lot of the stories on this collection of creepy things overheard in public have an overtly sexual vibe, which already makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Aside from the overheard snippets of such conversations, the amount of violent fantasies that people share in public is mind-boggling. After reading these weird things that people overheard in public, you're definitely going to second guess everything you say out loud.

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    Father Knows Best

    From Tillman Huett-Lassman on Quora:

    A father is talking about his two daughters age 6 and 9.

    Him: Yeah she has a body like a boy now but once she gets older, I'm sure she'll have a sexy body.

    Everyone in the room: err

    Him: Just like her mom, you know. I know if I was a boy their age that I would be trying to be really close friends with them.

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    If You See Something, Say Something

    From Redditor /u/howisthisnottaken:

    At Starbucks in a pretty affluent area. Two soccer moms are having a conversation about mom #1's 12-year-old son [inappropriately touching] his sister who sounded close in age. It was graphic and detailed about what he did and what they were doing to stop it. They were talking in normal tones and not even being remotely secretive about this. 

    No, I didn't call the cops. No one is going to believe a poor kid over rich soccer moms anyway.

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    This Is Why You Shouldn't Learn Russian

    From former Redditor:

    I speak a small amount of Russian. Not enough to get me through a conversation but after watching a bunch of videos and trying to learn the language, I can understand a fair amount more than I can speak. I was in Toronto walking down the road and there were two guys, Russian, sitting and talking in Russian at a table. I overheard 4 words.

    Dead, body, murder, and what was essentially dispose. I turned pale and got the f*ck out of there.

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    Age Of Consent

    From Emile Myburgh on Quora:

    While having breakfast one morning in 2015, at a pousada somewhere in the Northeast of Brazil, I overheard the British owner say the following to some of his friends:

    "So in terms of the new law, even if the boy consents or seduces you, YOU can still be charged [...] if he was underage."

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