Graveyard Shift Super Creepy And Disturbing Things People Have Seen From Their Windows  

Erin McCann
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If you ever get the creepy feeling that someone is watching you, you'll know it can often be even more disturbing to be on the observer end of some scary sights seen through windows. Everyone knows creepy true stories about frightening or unsettling events, but it adds an extra layer of horror when you find yourself in a front row seat to the terror at hand. The safety of home begins to fade away when you realize an unknown and potentially nefarious presence lays just outside, separated by a thin sheet of glass. Regardless of what you think it might be, a person, a monster, a wild animal, a lost pizza deliveryman, the unknown thing outside your window is not meant to be there, and why can't it just go away?!

Like the housebound photographer who witnesses a creepy event in the movie Rear Window, the people in these tales from Reddit saw pretty strange and scary stuff, including creepy crimes witnessed from windows and other scary stories that no one else believes. Although seeing something disturbing out your window can be exciting, you can never be quite sure if what you're seeing has spotted you back. The subjects of these Reddit stories about unexplainable things people have seen from windows may never know if they were being watched at the same time.

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Pretty Sure The Wind Can't Grow A Head

From [deleted]:

". . . Before my parents decided to switch rooms with me, I was sleeping in the back room, which is a converted porch with its own door to the backyard and windows on two sides of the room that reach from the floor to the ceiling. I would hear walking on the side and back of the house a lot during the night but figured it was a stray cat or a skunk. One morning however, around 5:00 or 6:00 AM, I woke up because I heard walking right outside my window. I knew it wasn't an animal, especially when through the faint morning light, I saw a person's head and shoulders move past my bedroom window. My parents told me it was just the wind, but I'm pretty sure the wind can't grow a head."

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You're Being Watched

From MissusLovett:

"I was about seven-years-old when I was in my bedroom, changing from my pajamas to my clothes for school. I was half-naked when I looked out the window. My window looks out into the backyard and in the backyard across from mine was a middle-aged man, sitting in a lawn chair with something that looked like binoculars, staring intently into my window."

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The Most Ineffective Screen Door Ever

From buttononmyback:

". . . I was up late, like around 11:00 PM because my two-year-old had a high fever. I was holding her in my lap as she slept while sitting downstairs on the couch. I was watching TV but wasn't really paying attention when something moved out of the corner of my eye.

"Across from the couch are two double doors with floor-to-ceiling windows. The shades were open and I could see out onto the back deck. Well, something was hanging off the screen door that opened outwards towards the deck. It was swinging back and forth and staring at me the whole time. It looked like a black shape of a man but the head was scrunched down like it was fused with its shoulders or something. I couldn't really see a face but it seemed like it was grinning at me. I just sat there frozen in fear and watched this thing swing back and forth, back and forth.

"I finally got up the courage to gather my daughter in my arms and sprint away from the family room and up the stairs to my room where I called my parents. They didn't live far and my dad came over with his shotgun and walked around the perimeter of the house. He didn't find anything, not even footprints. I know what I saw. I was wide awake! But nobody wants to believe me. I still get freaked out when I lay on the couch late at night . . . so I always close the blinds and lock the door!"

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So Close To A Disaster, But He Almost Slept Through It

From bubonis:

"I saw the aftermath, mainly because I slept through the attacks . . . On the morning of 9/11, I was sleeping late, mainly because I was up at 3:00 AM playing video games. I woke up to Howard Stern talking about some bullsh*t. I went to the bathroom still listening to Stern, and I slowly realized that he wasn't joking. I went into my living room and turned on the TV and got nothing. I had no cable TV at the time and there was no signal from any of the broadcast stations (which were broadcasting from the top of the WTC). I then realized that I was hearing the faint scream of sirens and my street was eerily quiet.

"I still had telephone and Internet (DSL!) access so I got onto CNN just as my phone rang. It was my mother calling to make sure I was fine. I leaned out the window of my apartment and saw the towers burning. I ducked my head back inside and was halfway across the room when my mother gasped; the first tower had fallen. I looked back outside and saw nothing but smoke and dust. I hung up the phone with my mother (to free up the line for emergency personnel), got dressed, grabbed my bicycle, and pretty much rode full speed to the water line. There were people and police everywhere.

"Not too long after I got there, the second tower fell. I felt like I was watching a movie - of course this kind of thing isn't really happening. Others around me were screaming, crying, collapsing on the ground, staring semi-vacantly into space, or (like me) making eye contact with others and mentally communicating, 'Can you believe this?'"