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Super Creepy And Disturbing Things People Have Seen From Their Windows

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If you ever get the creepy feeling that someone is watching you, you'll know it can often be even more disturbing to be on the observer end of some scary sights seen through windows. Everyone knows creepy true stories about frightening or unsettling events, but it adds an extra layer of horror when you find yourself in a front row seat to the terror at hand. The safety of home begins to fade away when you realize an unknown and potentially nefarious presence lays just outside, separated by a thin sheet of glass. Regardless of what you think it might be, a person, a monster, a wild animal, a lost pizza deliveryman, the unknown thing outside your window is not meant to be there, and why can't it just go away?!

Like the housebound photographer who witnesses a creepy event in the movie Rear Window, the people in these tales from Reddit saw pretty strange and scary stuff, including creepy crimes witnessed from windows and other scary stories that no one else believes. Although seeing something disturbing out your window can be exciting, you can never be quite sure if what you're seeing has spotted you back. The subjects of these Reddit stories about unexplainable things people have seen from windows may never know if they were being watched at the same time.

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    Pretty Sure The Wind Can't Grow A Head

    From [deleted]:

    Before my parents decided to switch rooms with me, I was sleeping in the back room, which is a converted porch with its own door to the backyard and windows on two sides of the room that reach from the floor to the ceiling. I would hear walking on the side and back of the house a lot during the night but figured it was a stray cat or a skunk. One morning however, around 5:00 or 6:00 AM, I woke up because I heard walking right outside my window. I knew it wasn't an animal, especially when through the faint morning light, I saw a person's head and shoulders move past my bedroom window. My parents told me it was just the wind, but I'm pretty sure the wind can't grow a head.

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    This Voyeur Picked A Lousy Place To Hide

    From RunsLikeAGirl:

    As a child, my bedroom window faced a big empty field. I very rarely bothered to close my window shades because there was never anyone out there. I would change in my room constantly without even thinking about the window.

    Then one day as I was getting dressed, I noticed a faint light from the usual dark field. I looked out the window and there was a car parked, headlights on, about 100 feet away. As soon as I looked, the headlights turned off and it drove away. There was no reason for this car to be parked in an empty field. I'm pretty sure I was being watched (for who knows how long).

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    Rearranging The Kitchen At Night Is Shadow's Work

    From SpyritualAlien:

    My mom grew up in a small town in Mexico where everyone pretty much knows each other . . . Around the time of the events she was 10-years-old. I don't know if it runs in the family but at some time in our life, every single member of my family has experienced something paranormal . . .

    She lived in a small adobe house, a super small home for the five of them: my grandparents, my uncle, my aunt, and my mom. The kitchen was located on the front part of the house and the rooms were on the back. There was a wall that divided the kitchen from the rest of the house. There was a door inside the house, kind of how some hotel rooms have a door to get to the other room . . .

    They also had a window in one of the rooms so they could see to the kitchen. The kids would sleep in one room and my grandparents in the other one. Where my mom, my aunt, and uncle would sleep was the room with the window.

    My mom tells me that at night they would hear the chairs from the kitchen being dragged and all the things on the table would get smacked off the table. On one occasion, the noises were very loud and it woke her and her siblings up. They were curious to know what was making the noise so they looked through the window and saw a small shadow dragging a chair across the room. She said they ran to their parents' room and slept the night there. The noises went on all night she recalls. They believed it was my great-great-grandma's dad that would mess around with them because he lived in that house before it was passed on to my grandma.

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    Maybe The Entity Just Wanted The New 'Harry Potter' Book

    From apathyontheeast:

    I was 18 and at work in a large chain bookstore that closed at midnight. We had a one-way window overlooking the office onto the cafe in the store (about 100' away) when my manager and I both see a man-sized shape run from left to right across the field of vision, all in black. We give each other the, 'Did you just see that?' look and hurry the f*ck up with our closing. What made this hella weird is that the alarm (and its motion sensors) had already been activated for that area. So we hurry up, finish our stuff, and bolt out the entrance near us. We hung around outside for a while, waiting for the motion alarms to trigger or something . . . but nothing happened. Still not sure what it was.

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