Super Creepy And Disturbing Things People Have Seen From Their Windows

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If you ever get the creepy feeling that someone is watching you, you'll know it can often be even more disturbing to be on the observer end of some scary sights seen through windows. Everyone knows creepy true stories about frightening or unsettling events, but it adds an extra layer of horror when you find yourself in a front row seat to the terror at hand. The safety of home begins to fade away when you realize an unknown and potentially nefarious presence lays just outside, separated by a thin sheet of glass. Regardless of what you think it might be, a person, a monster, a wild animal, a lost pizza deliveryman, the unknown thing outside your window is not meant to be there, and why can't it just go away?!

Like the housebound photographer who witnesses a creepy event in the movie Rear Window, the people in these tales from Reddit saw pretty strange and scary stuff, including creepy crimes witnessed from windows and other scary stories that no one else believes. Although seeing something disturbing out your window can be exciting, you can never be quite sure if what you're seeing has spotted you back. The subjects of these Reddit stories about unexplainable things people have seen from windows may never know if they were being watched at the same time.


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    The Most Ineffective Screen Door Ever

    From buttononmyback:

    I was up late, like around 11:00 PM because my two-year-old had a high fever. I was holding her in my lap as she slept while sitting downstairs on the couch. I was watching TV but wasn't really paying attention when something moved out of the corner of my eye.

    Across from the couch are two double doors with floor-to-ceiling windows. The shades were open and I could see out onto the back deck. Well, something was hanging off the screen door that opened outwards towards the deck. It was swinging back and forth and staring at me the whole time. It looked like a black shape of a man but the head was scrunched down like it was fused with its shoulders or something. I couldn't really see a face but it seemed like it was grinning at me. I just sat there frozen in fear and watched this thing swing back and forth, back and forth.

    I finally got up the courage to gather my daughter in my arms and sprint away from the family room and up the stairs to my room where I called my parents. They didn't live far and my dad came over with his shotgun and walked around the perimeter of the house. He didn't find anything, not even footprints. I know what I saw. I was wide awake! But nobody wants to believe me. I still get freaked out when I lay on the couch late at night . . . so I always close the blinds and lock the door!

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    What Not To Do If You Arrive Late For Dinner

    From FL-EtcherSKETCH:

    So there was one night I was sitting in my living room around 1:00 AM, just watching TV and playing on my phone and so on. From the couch in my living room, I could see through the dining room and out into the back garden. I'm watching TV and notice a slight flicker of movement out the corner of my eye so I quickly focus my attention on the dining room. That's when I see some guy just standing at my dining room window staring at me. I f*cking bolt it upstairs faster than I've ever moved before and grab a metal bar that I happened to have upstairs (I think it was off a set of dumbbells). I wait for what feels like an eternity and then decide to go into the front bedroom (opposite side of the house to where I saw Mr. Spooky) and peek out of the window to see him casually strolling down the street. I didn't sleep that night.

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    You're Being Watched

    From MissusLovett:

    I was about seven-years-old when I was in my bedroom, changing from my pajamas to my clothes for school. I was half-naked when I looked out the window. My window looks out into the backyard and in the backyard across from mine was a middle-aged man, sitting in a lawn chair with something that looked like binoculars, staring intently into my window.

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    At Least They Got Out Of School

    From shadowonthesun9:

    When I was 10, we moved into a house that was built in the 1940s. We lived there for five years. Loved that house after my mom renovated it. But she didn't renovate the basement nor the sun room. Left each of them original, and both creeped me out. They just didn't feel right. So I avoided both. Until I started seventh grade. That's when my mom let me go to school and come home alone. To go to my bus stop, she told me I should go through the back door, which is through the sun room. The sun room is attached to the kitchen by a door with a window on top.

    One day, I was standing in the kitchen, ready to leave for school. I looked out the door through the sun room, there was a guy standing there, all black with an odd hat on. I still remember it vividly. Ran back to my bedroom, called my mom, she just said 'okay you can stay home.'