Graveyard Shift You Might Not Sleep Tonight After Seeing This Creepy Trailer For The Russian Bride  

Mick Jacobs

Though undoubtedly some couples found success through the practice, the concept of the mail-order-bride feels a bit unsettling. In the trailer below, filmmakers decided to capitalize on this uneasiness to create a spine-tingling horror film.

Titled The Russian Bride, it follows a Russian woman and her daughter after she travels to the states to marry a wealthy man. The couple meets through an online service advertising mail-order-brides.

As the woman and her daughter quickly discover, the husband lives on a massive property located 20 miles from the nearest neighbor. What first starts out as peaceful solitude soon becomes a creeping loneliness that threatens to tear this new family apart.

To complicate matters, the daughter begins seeing "ghosts" who warn her to beware her stepfather. What ensues is a psychological thriller where no one quite comes across as completely innocent or sane for that matter. Watch the gripping trailer below.