22 People Describe Terrifying Nightmares That Still Keep Them Up At Night

Nightmares affect everybody, and can stem from different aspects of a person's life or personality. Sleep paralysis, medications, scary movies, and many other things can trigger horrifying nightmares, and nothing sticks with you quite like the horror of a terrifying dream.

The ones here, which range from being shot at or stabbed, drowning in blood, witnessing the deaths of loved ones, and even being chased by unholy creatures, are all from Reddit users who actually dreamed of these terrifying scenarios. Some are even afraid these dreams could be prophetic, adding a whole new horrifying layer. Hopefully you read these scary stories of dreams during the daytime, because who knows what they'll do to you at night. 

Photo: Wolfie Rankin / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

  • A Creature In The Basement

    From fluegu:

    "When I was eight, I had a recurring dream over a period of months. I once was awake 72 hours because I was too afraid too sleep.

    The dream: I'm in our basement with my sisters getting something to drink suddenly my sisters' faces start to get weird. Their mouths and noses get really small and pretty much 90% of the face is their eyes. I start to run upstairs but a creature grabs my neck and pulls me up. The face was like a normal one but it had another skin above it. It started to scream like a demon and I just cant do anything else but screaming back.

    My mother said in the first night I screamed three hours before I woke up.

    I hate our basement."

  • Gracie's Mom Was Evil

    From Raecas11:

    "My very first nightmare I can remember was when I was five. I had a friend named Gracie, and in my dream we were at her house drawing with chalk on her deck. She lived on a cliff and beneath it instead of water it was kind of like the badlands in Lion King, just thickets of thorns stretched out as far as I could see.

    Well Gracie's mom came out and started yelling at us for drawing on the deck. But the weird thing was this lady wasn't Gracie's mom. She was something evil and I could tell. It was like she was transforming into something dark and ugly in front of my eyes but Gracie couldn't see it. Long story short she finds out that I know she is evil and throws both of us off the cliff. I hit the bottom and open my eyes and see Gracie with thorns sticking to her. Then the dream just ends.

    Fast forward to second grade, I go into school one day and Gracie isn't there. My teacher told the class that she had drowned while riding her tricycle beside the pool at her house. Gracie's parents fill in the pool, file for divorce and move. Fast forward eight years, (my younger brother has been born now) my church builds a walk trail through her backyard. My brother is seven and I'm 14. We are walking and out of no where he points to her house and says 'Gracie says hello.' I said 'what are you talking about Cam?' And he says, 'the wet girl.' I have never told him about Gracie."

  • The Constant Ticking Noise

    From squirbsquirb:

    "When I was quite young I had a very specific fever nightmare where I would be lying flat somewhere in the darkness. A clock was ticking, continually getting louder and louder until it became overwhelming.

    All of a sudden it would stop and there would be a very soft laughter next to my ear. I would wake up instantly and think it was fine until the ticking started again."

  • Two Creepy Dreams

    From an anonymous Redditor:

    "When I was a kid I had a recurring dream that we were on the Titanic - myself, my mom, and her husband. I knew it was sinking, but they were like 'we have to go do grownup stuff right now, we'll get back to you later. Stay here.' and then they locked me in my room and took off.

    It was a really clear statement about my emotions regarding my parents, obviously.

    In my adult life the worst dream I have ever had was that I was walking through the parking lot of Kmart to my car and a stranger grabbed my infant daughter and took off with her. It was so upsetting I actually woke myself up shrieking and crying. I actually took the entire day off from class and did my best to go back to sleep and try to turn that dream around in my favor, because I just couldn't cope with it ending with her still being gone. Took me weeks to get over it."

  • The Sky Was Replaced By A Giant Eyeball

    From Tantricmac:

    "I once had a nightmare where I was swimming with my family. I dunk my head under water and then when I lift my head up out of the water my family is gone, the sky is black, and everything is silent. Then I look back up to the sky and there is a giant eyeball. A huge hand then comes and grabs the pool and folds it into a clear box.

    I started to not be able to breathe (being trapped in a water-filled box) and I wake up gasping for breathe. Scariest dream I've had in a while."

  • Brother Was Viciously Stabbed

    From 41pounds5gallons:

    "I often have dreams that involve going on crime sprees with different family members. One night, I dreamed I was out with my brother, robbing places and getting chased by the police. At one point, we were in a store and a policeman stabbed my brother through the bottom of his mouth into his brain with a giant knife. It was so realistic, so detailed.

    My brother died in 2011, and this is the only dream since his death where I've seen his face."