You Probably Have Never Heard Of These 16 Creepy (And Allegedly True) Stories

With internet access as it is today, it's easy to feel like you've heard it all. Scary stories? Know 'em all. The web is a plethora of all things creepy, so if you dig deep enough, you'll never run out of horror stories to haunt your ever-waking hour.

We sought out some of the creepiest, most horrific true stories that you've probably never heard of. Redditors served up some truly insane scary stories, guaranteeing you disrupted sleep for the foreseeable future.

Photo: whittlz / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

  • Audio Recording Exists of Jim Jones Preaching As The Jonestown Community Ends Their Own Lives

    "There is a recording of Jim Jones' speech during the night at Jonestown where the hundreds of people drank arsenic-laden juice and [took their own lives]. You can hear them [perishing] in the background and his sheer delirium is absolutely chilling."

  • Man Treats Girlfriend's Child Like A Dog, Eventually Leading To The Child's Passing

    "The Baby P story really f*cked with my head. In the UK a couple of years ago, the boyfriend of this woman started beating her son. The things he did were horrific: training his dog to bite him, pulling out his fingernails/toenails, smashing his fingers, throwing him in the air and letting him hit the floor, and tossing him around, calling it roughhousing.  The boyfriend eventually did this so hard that one night he snapped Baby P's spine in half.

    One of the things that stuck with me was when I read that he was trained to be submissive, and when the boyfriend would enter the room, Baby P would automatically put his head to the floor. When I first read about it, I had nightmares for weeks."

  • Russian Soldiers During WWII Force A German Man To Watch As His Wife Is Assaulted By Entire Platoon

    "It is in the German memoir 'Sniper on the Eastern Front'... It is March 1945, and the Germans have been pushed back by the Russians into Germany and Czechoslovakia. He was scouting some German village in the Sudetenland. A Russian platoon drove around, so he hid in a caved outbuilding, so this lone sniper had a front row seat to the horror to what was to follow. The platoon was plundering the village until it ran into this German couple. The Russians then tied up the husband and forced him to watch as the Russians, in order of ranking personnel, [assaulted] the wife. One. By. One. She was screaming in agony, fell in and out of consciousness, and was in so much pain.

    When the last Russian was finished with her, he shoved a flare gun up the woman's vagina and fired it. The woman screamed out the most 'animalistic, brutal, and haunting scream' the German has ever heard, as the flare was slowly burning the woman's insides and blood/flare residue/flames were rushing out of her body, and then she slumped over [perished].

    German reinforcements soon arrived and [slayed]/wounded the platoon. The husband went into his house, grabbed an object (I recall it was a shovel) and hacked the remaining wounded Russians on the ground until they were all [perished]. Some of the Germans tried stopping him, but the lone sniper held them back."

  • Man Hides In Farmhouse Attic For Days Before Slaying The Entire Family With An Ax

    "[The story of Hinterkaifeck] is about a guy who sneaks onto a farm and lives there in the attic for several days before [slaying] them all one by one with an axe."

  • Woman Disappears During Cruise, Is Believed To Have Been Sold Into Sexual Slavery

    "The Amy Bradley disappearance. She disappeared from a cruise ship en route to Curacao in 1998, and years later photos were emailed to her parents that very much resembled her, and looked like she had been sold into sexual slavery. Multiple people have also claimed to see her through the years; the Wikipedia page on her case lists the sightings, and there's an FBI missing persons report, including sketches of people she was seen with in 2005. The whole story is just chilling and terrifying."
  • Homeless Woman Lives In Occupied House's Attic For Almost A Year Undetected

    "A 58-year-old man living alone in Japan started hearing noises at night and noticing things out of place in his house. He installed video cameras. Turns out a homeless woman had been living in his attic and cupboards for almost a YEAR in his house, undetected."