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People Describe Terrifying Encounters With Weird Strangers

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Creepy things that happen to us don't always involve the paranormal or stuff we don't understand. Our fellow citizens are just as creepy and scary as ghosts and monsters. People behave strangely for all sorts of reasons, and most of the time we don't understand it.

We get creeped out in all sorts of ways, whether someone makes a prediction about our future or crosses paths with a serial killer, these chance encounters always send a little shiver down our spine. Vote for your favorite non-paranormal creepy incident.

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    Co-Workers Encounter A Serial Killer

    From Redditor /u/ipVolatile:

    I used to work for a group home, taking care of kids with autism or developmental problems. The company had multiple group homes, but none of them were within a mile of each other, and they were all in the middle of farm country. Each had a driveway of about half a mile and surrounded by nothing but open countryside. The locations were chosen specifically for this so that if a client were to escape, they would have to run through a wide-open field for quite some time.

    One night at about 2 am, I was working the graveyard shift with a co-worker and we noticed some headlights coming down the driveway. We thought it was an administrator coming to check up on us, so we started frantically running around doing our work. Then we realized the headlights hadn't moved. I stepped outside, took a few steps down the driveway and noticed a white van about a quarter of the way down the driveway. It stayed there for about seven or eight minutes, then drove off.

    My co-worker and I were kind of baffled and came to the conclusion that the person was just lost and had to stop to look at a map.

    Three days later, a serial killer was caught in our area. He was known for picking up women on the exact road our group home was on and he drove a white van.


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    Patient With A Mental Illness Threatens Mom

    From Redditor /u/Devon302:

    My mother works with... patients [who have a mental illness]. One night at around 9 pm, she told me she had to go to work because there was an emergency. Later, I get a phone call from her. She basically said my name and before she could finish, the phone got pulled away from her. In this high-pitch, creepy voice, one of the patients says, "Devon302 (I assumed she heard my name mentioned by my mom), Devon302? Your mom isn't coming home tonight because I'm going to do something bad to her." Then she hung up.

    I started freaking out and my mom didn't call me back until two hours later. The woman ended up getting arrested but quickly released since she has a mental illness. It was creepy as hell and very unnerving.

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    Stranger Wants A Hacksaw

    From a deleted user:

    I live in a small house out in the country. You would really never find the place if you weren't specifically looking for it. One evening, I'm sitting in my rocking chair, smoking my pipe, drinking a beer, just having a relaxing time when I hear a knock on the door. I open the door to find a man who weighed roughly 300 pounds. He had a severely burned body and appeared to have pulled out most of his hair. This man looks at me and asks in a terrifyingly low, gruff voice, "Do you have a hacksaw I could borrow?"

    I gave him my hacksaw, shut the door, locked it, and cowered in my room for the rest of the evening. I [neither] know what he needed with my hacksaw, nor do I know what became of it or him.

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    Man Finds A Corpse In A Garbage Bag

    From Redditor /u/psychohistoric:

    The summer after I graduated from high school, I worked as a highway litter crew supervisor where I drove two younger teens around and had them pick up litter on the side of the road. One day, one of the kids flagged me over to him and showed me a weird bag he'd found. The bag [had] a very thick, semi-translucent plastic [and was] double-bagged and tied off at the top with black electrical tape. It was down in a ditch covered with brush, so the kid and I dragged it to the side of the road for closer inspection. It was really heavy, and it took two of us to get it out of the ditch.

    Once we got it to the roadside, it became apparent that the bag was filled with a reddish-brown slush and a bunch of hard pieces of bones. It was then that I realized that this was a sack filled with a rotting corpse of some kind. I called my boss, and he told me to call the police. The police showed up pretty nonchalantly, but became visibly upset once he'd inspected the bag himself. He took down my statement and contact information, then shooed us along as he called into the station for assistance.

    We never heard anything back from the police, and I never did find out what, or who exactly, was in the bag.

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