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Twins Describe Their Creepiest Experiences With 'Twin Telepathy'

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Telepathy is defined by the Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary as "transmittal and reception of thoughts by means other than through the normal senses, as a form of extrasensory perception." Cue the eerie ethereal music. Science is skeptical on the subject of telepathy, yet many pairs of twins swear it's a real phenomenon.

According to Nancy Segal in her book Twin Mythconceptions, “beliefs about ‘twin telepathy’ most likely originated because some twins behave as if they can read each other’s minds.” What they likely are doing, she said, is "expressing the constant concern and caring" common to twins. Rather than a psychic connection, the seeming ability to read each other’s minds might have a genetic basis.

Whether "twin telepathy" is paranormal hocus-pocus or scientifically sound, it doesn't really matter in these anecdotal reports from twins on Reddit. Their stories are creepy, but also kind of cool, and might make you wish you had someone to transmit and receive thoughts with in such a special way.

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    The Night Her Twin Perished, She Dreamed He Told Her To Take Care Of His Kids

    From Redditor /u/IndiaLeigh:

    My aunt and dad were twins. My aunt woke up in the middle of the night from an odd dream. She even woke my uncle up to tell him about it. In the dream, my dad told her to take care of my sister and me. He told my aunt he was leaving and needed her to look after us.

    She said the dream really shook her. That morning, we found out my dad [passed] in his sleep.

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    Their Twin Called Right After He Flipped Into A Ditch While Driving

    From a former Redditor:

    Twin here. In high school, I was out four-wheeling with a friend. My twin was about 50 miles away from me at work. While screwing around that day, I flipped my buddy's truck...

    So being in the middle of nowhere with no cell service, we figured out a plan to get help. A few hours later, after we made it back home, I saw I had a missed call from my twin. I gave him a ring to tell this crazy story about wrecking a truck.

    He answered in a panic, asking me if I was okay and what happened. Slightly caught off-guard, I asked, "What do you mean?" He said he was working, and at the exact time I flipped this truck into a ditch, he was hit with this wave of something going terribly wrong. He knew it involved me but didn’t know what had happened.

    After the phone call, I looked at my phone [and realized] his call came in one minute after I had crashed the truck. Throughout our lives, there have been other instances of this.

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    They Knew Something Was Wrong With Their Twin At School While They Were At Home Sick

    From Redditor /u/imakebadpuns___:

    When we were seven, I stayed home from school sick, and my twin went to school. Right around 3:30, I got this intense feeling of dread and basically had a panic attack trying to convince my parents something was wrong with my sister and we needed to go get her. They agreed to call the school, but basically just to get me to calm down.

    Turns out she had missed her bus, was wandering around outside the school, couldn't figure out how to get back in, and was totally panicking.

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    By Guessing The Same Word, They Proved To Their Teacher Telepathy Exists 

    From Redditor /u/drbarnowl:

    History class, 10th grade. The teacher stopped the class and said, "We're going to prove twin telepathy doesn't exist. Twin 2, turn to the wall and write down a word, and Twin 1 [me] has to guess it. If Twin 1 gets the word right, I will bring in food for the class."

    The word I guessed was "mustard." The word my twin wrote was "mustard," and the doughnuts we got were delicious.

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