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Twins Describe Their Creepiest Experiences With 'Twin Telepathy'

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Telepathy is defined by the Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary as "transmittal and reception of thoughts by means other than through the normal senses, as a form of extrasensory perception." Cue the eerie ethereal music. Science is skeptical on the subject of telepathy, yet many pairs of twins swear it's a real phenomenon.

According to Nancy Segal in her book Twin Mythconceptions, “beliefs about ‘twin telepathy’ most likely originated because some twins behave as if they can read each other’s minds.” What they likely are doing, she said, is "expressing the constant concern and caring" common to twins. Rather than a psychic connection, the seeming ability to read each other’s minds might have a genetic basis.

Whether "twin telepathy" is paranormal hocus-pocus or scientifically sound, it doesn't really matter in these anecdotal reports from twins on Reddit. Their stories are creepy, but also kind of cool, and might make you wish you had someone to transmit and receive thoughts with in such a special way.

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    Their Injured Sister Seemed To Transfer Her Pain

    From Redditor /u/mrspremise:

    When my twin sister and I were two. She got a finger stuck in a door and part of it was ripped out. My parents took her to the hospital while my aunt and uncle watched me at home.

    Apparently, I was playing calmly, and at a certain point, started shouting, crying, and shaking. My aunt and uncle were so panicked; nothing seemed to appease me. My uncle even had to hold me in his arms because I was shaking hysterically. I eventually became calm again, as if nothing happened.

    When my parents came home, they were in disbelief. At the same time I had my crisis, my sister went into the operation room to get stitches, and my parents and the doctor were shocked she didn't even flinch, cry, or do whatever a two-year-old would normally do when having a finger stitched up without anesthesia. She even laughed and sang while waiting in the emergency room.

    My parents and aunt/uncle still believe to this day that somehow I felt the pain for my sister, that it was somehow transferred. Weird.

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    He Felt Pain When His Brother Fell In A Different State 

    From Redditor /u/Turnip701:

    Identical twin here...

    When my brother and I were infants, my dad took me to work with him out of state from my house (about 55 miles away). My brother stayed at home with my mom. While he was sitting on my mom's lap watching Sesame Street, he grabbed his head and started wailing.

    My mom couldn't console him and finally decided to call my dad. When he answered, she just said, "What happened to Turnip701?" My dad replied, "He fell off of the counter and hit his head, but he's okay. How did you know something happened?" She said because my brother was holding his head and wouldn't stop crying.

    Nothing like that ever happened again, though. We also have been told we had our own language with one another before we could talk.

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    They Fainted At The Same Time Their Sister Perished

    From Redditor /u/marilokisky:

    I'm a complete scientific skeptic and... aware there is nothing supernatural about this, but it's still very odd. Around the time (the same hour) that my twin sister [passed], I fainted for the first time in my life. I was not aware she had died (it was an aortic aneurysm, totally out of the blue; she was 23 and healthy). I was at work and just... collapsed to the floor with no warning and was unconscious for around five seconds...

    I got the call to go to the hospital as she had been taken in. She had already [passed] at home, though. Worst day of my life.

    I actually hate telling people this because of the supernatural connotations, but there you have it. It was just an odd coincidence, and I don't have any thoughts otherwise. I even asked the doctor about it, but I'm not sure he actually believed me.

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    They Made Their Grandma's Cookies The Same Night

    From Redditor /u/MeowMeow806:

    We were [partly] raised by our grandma, who always made no-bake cookies. It was like a daily thing - you know, just what grannies do. Well, my twin had been off to college for about three years; my grandma [was no longer living] for the last eight. Anyway, we were years without grandma's special cookies.

    So one night I made them, and while I was finishing up the old-time granny cookies, I got a text from the twin: "Bet you wish you had some of these." I replied with "WTF" and a pic of my batch of Granny's cookies. Still haven't made them since.

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