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People Describe Disturbing Encounters On Twitch

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Twitch has changed the face of video game streaming over the last few years. Thousands of high-profile gamers now use the service to livestream their play sessions to viewers all over the world. One particular aspect that makes Twitch so engaging for fans is that the hosts usually accompany their footage with a webcam feed. This allows everyone to see their reactions and interact with them in real time - and it can also lead to some pretty disturbing broadcasts.

In many cases, these creepy streams occur because the streamer forgets to turn off their feed. This means viewers can still see what they're up to, even if the streamer is oblivious to the fact they're being filmed. However, as is the case with most live shows, there's always a possibility of something even more unexpected happening.

Luckily, Reddit users have shared their stories of the creepiest and most bizarre things they've encountered while using the popular streaming service. 

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    Having A Mod That Is Too Involved

    From Redditor /u/twitch_throwaway_001:

    I'm a partnered streamer and I've had this mod that I've had modded for over a year now. In the beginning, he was just a mod/consultant/someone who could help me make emotes. Now he knows where I live, he's been to where I live, and he is trying to steer my content in the direction that I don't really care to execute... This person is trying to call me after every single streaming session to talk about the most petty things. Every single little mistake on my stream.

    Fast forward to today. Got a new apartment. Guy wants to know where it is. And yes, as I mentioned before, he's been to my place previously. He is continuously back-seat-driving my stream and my content. Is this guy infatuated with me? Yup. Do I feel his behavior is invasive? Yup. Do I think the behavior is creepy as f*ck? Yup. Do I think I am talking nonsensical bullsh*t with this guy almost every f*cking time I finish streaming? You bet ya.

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    An Actual Robbery Caught On Twitch

    From Redditor /u/forumrabbit:

    For me it's when Sunsfan's house [was] robbed whilst his gf (wife?) was streaming. That was nuts and Twitch chat got right on it ... calling the police.

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    A Whispering Viewer

    From a former Redditor:

    Someone created multiple accounts and kept whispering [to] me really disturbing stuff. It all started ... [when he was] timed out by a mod for being super disruptive. He got upset and lost it. He won a giveaway once, he was a regular. I got freaked and stopped streaming months ago but I'm getting back to it in a few weeks after I move, too hectic now but I'm ready to return after a nice, palate cleansing break. Seems like an overreaction I guess but the stuff was heavy and relentless and I got sick of just reporting with no results.

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    Rewarding Viewers The Wrong Way

    From Redditor /u/RamuneGaming:

    I think the bloke who would shake his man boobs on cam when he got a follower or a donation. I think he was banned however but [definitely] the craziest thing I have seen on Twitch.

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