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People Describe Disturbing Encounters On Twitch

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Twitch has changed the face of video game streaming over the last few years. Thousands of high-profile gamers now use the service to livestream their play sessions to viewers all over the world. One particular aspect that makes Twitch so engaging for fans is that the hosts usually accompany their footage with a webcam feed. This allows everyone to see their reactions and interact with them in real time - and it can also lead to some pretty disturbing broadcasts.

In many cases, these creepy streams occur because the streamer forgets to turn off their feed. This means viewers can still see what they're up to, even if the streamer is oblivious to the fact they're being filmed. However, as is the case with most live shows, there's always a possibility of something even more unexpected happening.

Luckily, Reddit users have shared their stories of the creepiest and most bizarre things they've encountered while using the popular streaming service. 

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    A Chocolate Surprise

    From Redditor /u/Phoxine:

    A young gentleman indulging himself with chocolate syrup served upon his own feet, all while playing Minecraft. Twitch is amazing.

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    Putting Up With The Trolls

    From Redditor /u/moodyburrito:

    Kind of a weird best moment, but it was when I had a viewer (now one of my good friends) [come into] my stream for the first time and chatted, then said "honestly, I joined this stream because you are a girl that is wearing a sweatshirt on camera! Playing a MOBA!" It made me realize I really didn't have to be wearing a tank top to get viewers (not that that was my plan, but I had been told that would be the only way to get viewers... insert eye roll).

    Worst was [when I got] somewhat of a troll in my stream and he wouldn't leave me alone. He was sending weird, harassing messages no matter how many times I blocked him. It creeped me out and I literally didn't even want to stream anymore. I know a troll is a troll, but it was when I didn't have any viewers or many followers so it was hard to ignore him in chat or the constant messages I was getting.

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    Always Remember To Turn Off The Webcam

    From Redditor /u/Jakabov:

    A dude forgot his webcam was on and got laid. Also streamed himself and his girlfriend sleeping all through the night, and going around getting dressed and stuff in the morning.

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    Never Let A Friend Fill Time For You

    From Redditor /u/RalphTheHam:

    I got hosted by someone with 4K viewers and... as soon as it happened I... went to use the restroom. My friend who I was playing with texted me and told me about it. I said I'll be there in a minute entertain them 'til I get back. He decides he's just gonna sit there and beatbox for them. And he isn't that great of a beatboxer. Take the pig from that one commercial saying boots and pants over and over and that's what he did. I was so upset.

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