Graveyard Shift

This Twitter Account Is Posting AI-Generated Faces, And Some Of The Results Are Downright Terrifying

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Technology can be both a wonderful and terrifying thing - and this Twitter account is the proof. With the username "This Person Does Not Exist," it is dedicated to posting the AI-generated faces of people who aren't actually real. These created identities even come with fake names, locations, and often relationship statuses.

In most posts, the algorithm does its job and the faces come out looking pretty believable - if a bit uncanny. But occassionally the AI glitches. Then the result becomes a disturbing amalgamation of twisted flesh, extra body parts, and strange faces lurking in the background. These goofs are pretty horrifying - but way more fun than the normal posts. So here are some of the freakiest, most disturbing AI fails from the account - faces of fake people that will haunt our nightmares forever.