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Scuba Divers Describe Their Most Terrifying Underwater Experiences

When people voluntarily venture below the waves as scuba divers, terrifying underwater experiences aren't only limited to drowning. Scary scuba stories can be even more horrifying since they take place underwater, an environment in which humans are unable to breathe on their own, have slowed movement, and sometimes limited vision. In addition to equipment malfunction and running out of air, there are other creepy experiences waiting to be had at the bottom of Earth's oceans, lakes, and rivers.

In these stories from Reddit, people describe the scariest thing they've experienced underwater. While many detail their freaky experiences with faulty equipment or shady dive leaders, others encountered creepy creatures of the deep or objects made more spooky when found underwater. Unfortunately, one can't just run away from scary encounters when they're underwater because of decompression issues. Divers must surface slowly in order to prevent physical issues that include death, another element of fear that appears in these tales. No one may be able to hear you scream in space, but according to these diving stories, it's pretty difficult underwater as well.