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Scuba Divers Describe Their Most Terrifying Underwater Experiences

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When people voluntarily venture below the waves as scuba divers, terrifying underwater experiences aren't only limited to drowning. Scary scuba stories can be even more horrifying since they take place underwater, an environment in which humans are unable to breathe on their own, have slowed movement, and sometimes limited vision. In addition to equipment malfunction and running out of air, there are other creepy experiences waiting to be had at the bottom of Earth's oceans, lakes, and rivers.

In these stories from Reddit, people describe the scariest thing they've experienced underwater. While many detail their freaky experiences with faulty equipment or shady dive leaders, others encountered creepy creatures of the deep or objects made more spooky when found underwater. Unfortunately, one can't just run away from scary encounters when they're underwater because of decompression issues. Divers must surface slowly in order to prevent physical issues that include death, another element of fear that appears in these tales. No one may be able to hear you scream in space, but according to these diving stories, it's pretty difficult underwater as well.

  • Terrible Things Can Happen If You Panic Underwater

    Redditor corneliuspildershidt had a scarring experience in a sunken German U-boat:

    "I was doing a deep dive to around 200' on the coast of New York. We were diving on German U-boat that had tons of corrugated and rusty metal hanging down. I was diving solo, but there were two others on the dive, a father and son. After spending about 10 minutes down there, I decided to go up to minimize decompression. After 50 minutes they had still not ascended, so the captain sent me down to check and make sure everything was okay. When I got down there, the son was stuck under a piece of metal and his father was desperately trying to get him out.

    After I helped lift the metal off of the son, I could immediately tell that they were in panic mode. Having a dangerously high amount of nitrogen in their body, the worst thing they could do would be to bolt up to the surface. If they did that, I knew they would be as good as dead, because of the bends. We went to the mooring line and I began to start buddy breathing with the son and his father at the same time cause they were extremely low on air. After the father had a long breath the son lost all control and bolted to the surface. His father tried to follow him which I tried stopping by holding on to his BCD while my feet were hooked to the mooring. Unfortunately, he escaped my grip and launched after his son. Up at the surface everyone knew that things were seriously wrong.

    The swells were upwards of 10 feet, and it was extremely difficult to get back on board. By the time the father and son were on the boat, the father was basically dead, after his entire body went numb he loss consciousness. The Coast Guard came via helicopter, but the father was already dead. The captain demanded that they should just take the son and immediately take him to the chamber. They refused and wasted the precious time on putting the dead father in the chopper too, which was extremely difficult cause of his weight and the swaying. By the time they brought the son to the chamber, he had already died too."

  • This Diver Learned Tragically That Dead Men Tell No Tales

    Yeahnotquite reported:

    "A 16-year-old kid at 50 feet, face down, dead. He breathed down his tank looking for his 17-year-old buddy after they got separated. Other kid died, too. Bad day on that beach, Coast Guard and a dive boat pulled them both out in front of about 30 families and kids enjoying the nice weather."

  • There Was Something Scary Caught In The Net

    From Roundaboutsix:

    "Two of my coworkers were diving in a wreck off Rhode Island. The experienced diver went one way, the novice another. The new guy spotted a fishing net snagged on the wreck in murky waters. He also found a fisherman in the net who had been missing for months. He rushed back to the experienced guy and explained his find using facial expressions and hand signals. Finally, they tied a line to the body, before returning to their dive boat to contact (and wait for) the Coast Guard."

  • An All-Out Brawl With An Angry Fish

    From Tampaburn:

    "...My dad took me spearfishing (family tradition for me). I was about 75 feet down...when I shot the biggest amberjack of my life. I was stupid and wrapped the line from my spear around my wrist so I could pull the fish to me on the bottom. assh*le was bigger than me and started flying up to the surface. So I'm going up and down, then up and down again...Finally, he swam back down towards the wreck and I managed to snag my gun on a beam from the rusting hull. I took a second to breathe and realized how close to blacking out I was. My head was pounding. My ears felt like they were going to explode and implode at the same time from all the pressure changes. My mask was filling with blood since I burst a blood vessel in my nose in the fight. I should've died.

    The moment I touched him, the fish went ballistic. It was like our fight was starting all over, this time in close quarters. I just wrapped my legs around him like a rodeo star and tried to find a sweet spot for my knife. I had my knees locked around the spear with the fish like a kabob in the middle. I took one jab and it deflected of his skull. Those b*stards have a tough head. I took one more and somehow it stuck, he went from a bucking bronco to dead in zero time. Just done."