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People Describe Creepy Experiences As Kids They Still Can't Explain

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Do you still remember those creepy things you saw as a kid that you still can't seem to figure out? Although our memories aren't always reliable, it's always the paranormal and mysterious events that stick in our minds, and sometimes those unexplainable stories you had as a kid feel all the more confounding in adulthood.

People from everywhere describe their spookiest moments during childhood in this list of eerie, true, and creepy kids stories. Maybe reading these stories from Redditors will bring back some old experiences you thought you'd forgotten...

  • Door To Attic Is Always Open; Child Sees A Face Staring Back

    From Redditor /u/nocatsonmelmac:

    There was a small door that led to the attic space in my bedroom (11 to 13 years old), and it became habit that I would shut the door as I walked into my bedroom a couple times a week. I didn't think anything of it; I just assumed my mom didn't close it all the way when she left it.

    After a while, I made the mistake of joking with her when she made a comment about me not picking up after myself. I said something like, "Every night, I have to close the attic door behind you. How about you shut it all the way when you're done?" She then informed me that she hasn't been in the attic in months. Asked my brother - nope. Asked my father - nope.

    So then I started to pay really close attention to it - making sure it was closed in the morning, checking it after school, checking after dinner. Then I would head up to bed and - open.

    After a couple months of wondering, studying, experimenting, I thought I'd see what happens if I just don't shut it. I opened the door before school and checked it after school - still open. I checked it after dinner - still open. Before bed - still open.

    Now I'm laying in bed, mind going crazy with the open door across the room, so I decide to check it out, so I roll over and focus on the black space into the attic - to see a face staring back at me.

    I bolt downstairs, wake my parents, get ridiculed by my brother, switch bedrooms with brother, and move into new house about six months later (due to expanding household).

    The new physics teacher and his wife bought our house. I could've forgotten all about that event and chalked it up to me having an overactive mind, but then my senior year, I discovered how awesome our physics teacher was. Physics became my favorite class and he was by far my favorite teacher.

    End of senior year, my friend and I took our VHS camcorder around town, doing mostly silly things, but then took it to my old house to see what they've done with the place. We got a very fun tour; I got to tell stories about all the projects my dad did that were still part of the house.

    Then the wife led us upstairs to show us the sewing room. I ask jokingly, "Notice anything strange in this room?" and her face goes blank. On camera, she asks what I mean and I try to shrug it off but end up saying something about the attic door. She confirmed that every time she comes up to sew, the attic door is open. She then tells us that the second day of being in the house, their dog (German Shepherd) had gone into the room but would not go back downstairs. He started barking and could not be consoled, and then jumped through the window, landing on the tin roof over the porch and then running off. The dog did not come back until the next day and has not stepped foot into the hallway that leads upstairs since.

    I had the initial thought that I could show my parents and brother the story I had on film, but I decided to just let it be.

  • Family Suspects They Live With A Shadowy Figure

    From Redditor /u/UCMCoyote:

    I'm pretty sure I lived in a haunted house for awhile. Strange things.

    For one, I always felt like I was being watched in my room, and if I had the door open to the hallway, I would SWEAR I'd see someone walk by out of the corner of my eye. We had two cats, and sometimes they'd be in my room sleeping and then all of a sudden, they would sit up and stare at the door, and nothing I did could move them for a long time. This happened often.

    One day in my bathroom, the shelf that had my sister's beauty stuff randomly lost hold of all of the items. The thing was the shelf wasn't loose or hanging; all the stuff had to bounce out of a two-inch-high lip into the sink.

    One time in the middle of the night, my sister's 100-year-old dresser, which she got as a gift from our grandma, just "fell" over. This thing weighed a ton, and it was built like a tank. My sister said she heard the sound of someone pushing.

    My mom and sister used to yell at me for sneaking around the house - only I wasn't home or in my room. They said they saw a man in shadows that was about my height.

    One day, we also ran into the old owner, and my mom casually asked the lady if she had ever experienced anything in the house. The lady started crying and said no one believed her, but yes, she experienced a lot of stuff.

    I moved out around that time. I do not miss that place.

  • Guy Teleports Through Space And Time

    From Redditor /u/RedGiant925:

    I was in first grade, hanging out at recess with a friend. He was shooting some hoops outside, and I was playing DS, sitting on the pavement. I remember him asking me if he could make a shot from halfway across the court. I told him he could try, but he probably wouldn't make it, while looking at my DS.

    Suddenly, my dad asks me what I mean, and when I look up, I'm sitting on my living room carpet, talking to my dad, and it's dark out. I was sitting in the same position, playing the same game, same level, and same exact spot in the level.

    Everything continued normally that night, and I didn't tell anyone at the time, but looking back it is really freaky. I thought it was a dream for the longest time, but thinking about it it didn't really feel like a dream, and I don't really remember dreams that well.

  • Mannequins Come To Life To Make A Midnight Snack

    From Redditor /u/Nexaz:

    I posted this a long time ago, but when I was younger, my mom was dating this guy (who we will call JB), and after a few months, he invited my mom, me, and my brother to go with him and his son (about my age) out to his lake house for the weekend. It was right on Lake Michigan but up in a more secluded area which was pretty awesome.

    Well, we got up there and one, I already felt really creeped out. It was a smaller two (maybe three if you count the really big attic) story house that had the living room, dining room, and kitchen on the first floor and had two bedrooms on the second floor. His grandfather had helped to build the place with his dad, and then he lived there for most of his life working as a tailor in the nearby town.

    We went up to the attic to get some beach toys because that's where JB kept all of that stuff, so he didn't have to haul it every time he went out there. Well, when we went up to the attic, I noticed in the corner, covered in some dust and cobwebs, about eight mannequins, some just upper torsos and some full bodies. Not to out of the ordinary considering a tailor had lived there.

    JB's son and I slept down in the living room on the couch since there were no more beds, and near midnight, I heard one of the stairs squeak a few times. Figuring it was my mom coming to check to make sure we were asleep, I told JB's son to be quiet, quickly turn the TV off, and hide under the covers.

    After not hearing any noise for a few minutes, I looked out from under the covers and saw three of the mannequins moving around in the kitchen. Their body parts weren't moving, but they were sliding around the kitchen. I swore I was dreaming, but was so terribly frightened I hid back under the covers with a small yelp and then heard the dragging on the floor coming closer, so I peeked out seeing one of them just a few feet from the couch. I hid back under the covers and shut my eyes tight hoping it would go away.

    The next morning I got up and tried not to think about it, really, really hoping it was just a bad dream, but when we went back up to the attic to put the beach stuff back, the mannequins were in different spots and weren't covered in cobwebs any more.

    Don't believe me if you don't want to, but it happened, and I've been scared sh*tless of mannequins ever since.