23 Haunting Photos That Kept Us Up All Night

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Cameras malfunction all the time - at least that's one way to try to explain these bone-chilling photos. Are these real-life photos from r/ghosts minor camera glitches, or are they actual encounters with the paranormal? There's just no way of telling.

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  • 1. Feels Like Being Watched

    Feels Like Being Watched
    Photo: [deleted] / Reddit
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  • 2. Checking On The Baby

    Checking On The Baby
    Photo: slaggardly / Reddit
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  • 3. Lurking In The Background

    Lurking In The Background
    Photo: HighSandwichman / Reddit

    From Redditor u/HighSandwichman:

    So, the story of this is that my friend had just moved into her new place in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Her dog hopped up on the chair, she thought it was cute, and sent me a pic of it. Months later, her girlfriend noticed something in the back of the hallway. She was home alone, doors/windows closed and locked.

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  • 4. In A Dark Hallway

    In A Dark Hallway
    Photo: codyalanphelps / Reddit

    From Redditor u/codyalanphelps:

    My family and I went there to eat at the Pirate House and we were told that it was haunted, so after dinner we decided to walk around a little bit and take pictures just to see if anything would pop up. We didn't expect much of anything but thought it was fun either way.

    When I looked through my pictures of the trip, I found this photo. It was taken in a hallway... a completely empty hallway. I used a Motorola Droid. This photo has been unedited other than a little bit of cropping.

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  • 5. Peeking From Behind The Door

    Peeking From Behind The Door
    Photo: Makisfaccimm / Reddit
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  • 6. Living Alone In A New House

    Living Alone In A New House
    Photo: emilysings3 / Reddit
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