21 Haunting Photos That Had Us Sleeping With The Lights On

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Are ghosts real? There's really no way of knowing. However, these photos from the subreddit r/ghosts certainly feel like encounters with the supernatural. Whether they're real or mere camera glitches, these photos are eerie enough to haunt our dreams. 

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    Spotted On A Dark Trail

    Spotted On A Dark Trail
    Photo: LOvEisEvOLxanax / Reddit

    From Redditor u/LOvEisEvOLxanax:

    More info for anyone wondering. My uncle was recently up at the house and left. The trail cam caught him leaving in his car completely.

    The trail cam takes pictures so fast, it looks like stop motion if [you look] through them quickly. This thing walks up six minutes after my uncle left. It’s only in a few pics [...] the time says the thing was only on screen for 1 second, and the next picture it is just gone.

    Never walked out of frame. Just went away.

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    A Late Night Stroll Through The Woods

    A Late Night Stroll Through The Woods
    Photo: native_meraki / Reddit
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    Waiting In The Doorway

    Waiting In The Doorway
    Photo: CaramelWatermelon / Reddit

    From Redditor u/CaramelWatermelon:

    This is from June 2016 when my aunt and uncle were on a ghost tour through Waverly Hills.

    My aunt was snapping pics of most (if not all) of the rooms through the tour. She did so just in case anything were to appear, such as in the pic above. Both my aunt and uncle confirmed there was nobody in the hallway when she took the photo. She says it makes sense, though, as this was the room where all the kids would play.

    Just a side note, my aunt and uncle are clearly very into the paranormal, supernatural, and the like and would never fake anything. Honestly, I’m not even sure if she could fake a pic like this if she tried.

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    Don't Go Beyond The Fence

    Don't Go Beyond The Fence
    Photo: Po_leo / Reddit

    From Redditor u/DyfedH:

    The OP [original poster] has said this photo was taken in the summer, for everyone asking, "Was this taken during Halloween?" Taken by his older neighbour, and to add something spooky, [he] also said it's next-door to a cemetery, although it would be nice to know where in relation to this photo the cemetery is.

    The OP has also not once said what the kids might have been looking over the fence at.

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    In The Middle Of The Woods

    In The Middle Of The Woods
    Photo: peonie666 / Reddit
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    A Soldier In The Background

    A Soldier In The Background
    Photo: Europe_Is_My_Nation / Reddit
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