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13 Theories About the Universe That Will Keep You Up at Night

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Though we live in the universe, there's still a heck of a lot we don't know about it. Even with that limited information, there are dozens of scientific theories about space and time to explain away the greatest mysteries of our intergalactic neighborhood. Not all of them are pleasant, though. Some of them are downright terrifying, and even more highlight just how alone we are out in this void we call space.

We know what you're thinking: they're just theories, why should I be creeped out? Well, these scientific theories about the universe have been devised by some of the greatest minds in the fields of cosmology and physics. These guys have a pretty good idea what they're talking about... and what they're talking about ain't pretty. So sit back and prepare to stare into the void. 

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    The Universe Is a Computer Simulation

    The Matrix may be real, according to Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrum. He suggested that an advanced civilization, with enough computer power, could run a simulation elaborate enough to create artificial minds, physics, and everything else in our universe. Right now, you might just be a really complex set of 1s and 0s. 
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    Before the Big Bang, There Was Nothing

    Yup. Literally nothing. According to Stephen Hawking, if this were true, the universe "would be neither created nor destroyed. It would just be." The creepy part: if there was nothing before the Big Bang, how long did it last before the universe started? And you thought it was tough waiting between seasons of your favorite shows... 
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    The Universe Is So Big, We'll Never Meet Another Civilization

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    There are a lot of planets out there. So many that, statistically speaking, alien life simply has to exist in one form of another. But if that's true... where they heck are they? Well, the Fermi Paradox sees that discrepancy and theorizes that it's either much harder for life to exist than we thought, or more life has existed and simply been destroyed over time. Either way, we'd be very alone. 
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    White Holes Are Apparently a Thing

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    Everyone knows about black holes, but apparently their opposites exist. Unlike their darker cousins, white holes cannot be entered, but matter and light are constantly escaping from them. The real creepy part is, where is all this stuff coming from? Could it be the exit of a black hole?
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