space 13 Theories About the Universe That Will Keep You Up at Night  

Aaron Edwards
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Though we live in the universe, there's still a heck of a lot we don't know about it. Even with that limited information, there are dozens of scientific theories about space and time to explain away the greatest mysteries of our intergalactic neighborhood. Not all of them are pleasant, though. Some of them are downright terrifying, and even more highlight just how alone we are out in this void we call space.

We know what you're thinking: they're just theories, why should I be creeped out? Well, these scientific theories about the universe have been devised by some of the greatest minds in the fields of cosmology and physics. These guys have a pretty good idea what they're talking about... and what they're talking about ain't pretty. So sit back and prepare to stare into the void. 

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Here's What Happens When You Fall into a Black Hole

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Black holes are pretty freaky things. The closer you get to the center, the more space and time become completely meaningless. It's been theorized you would be hanging in nothingness for all eternity or shredded apart into the smallest possible pieces. Either way, it's pretty certain you it won't go as well for you as it did for Matthew Mcconaughey in Interstellar.
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The Universe Is a Computer Simulation

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The Matrix may be real, according to Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrum. He suggested that an advanced civilization, with enough computer power, could run a simulation elaborate enough to create artificial minds, physics, and everything else in our universe. Right now, you might just be a really complex set of 1s and 0s. 
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The First Thing Aliens Will See From Humanity Is Hitler

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Carl Sagan was a visionary man, gracing the world with his intelligence and imagination. In his book Contact, he theorized that the first thing aliens would see of us was Hitler. Turns out that the first signal broadcast powerful enough to break past Earth's atmosphere was Hitler's opening speech at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, so there's a good chance that's the first communication aliens would pick up. Hopefully they won't judge us too harshly... 
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Time Is Literally Running Out

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While some scientists believe the expansion of the universe is accelerating, some theorize that distant celestial bodies only seem that way because we're looking back in time to see them (remember, it takes a while for their light to reach us). So, that means that they were moving faster in the past than they are in now... which means time is slowing down

How much is it slowing down? We don't know - but if the theory is correct it may just slow to a stop. 
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