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20 Morbid Facts That Will Seriously Creep You Out

February 16, 2017 281.9k views20 items

For every fun fact inscribed on a Snapple lid there's a not-so-fun fact they wouldn't even think of showing on Jeopardy. Unlike Snapple, certain facts don't go down all that easily, especially when they complicate activities we cherish. As a result, they get pushed to the back of human subconsciousness, only to resurface in your worst fears or because the Internet happened to learn something new that day.

Collected here are facts that fall into the latter category, the Internet's ravenous desire for information. Thanks to Reddit, you may now learn of the deadly microscopic creatures poised to kill you from the inside out and why wheat crops could go the same way as the Irish Potato Famine. Knowledge is definitely power, but it's also a good case for paranoia.

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    Belly Button Bacteria Can Migrate Around The World

    From user Gays_PM_Me_Your_D**k:

    "In 2012, scientists found 1,458 new species of bacteria living in the belly button. Everyone's belly button ecology is unique like a fingerprint, and one volunteer's belly button harbored bacteria that had previously been found only in soil from Japan, where he had never been."

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    Brain Eating Amoeba Do Exist

    From user HalfMagic:

    "Brain-eating amoeba exist and you contract them from swimming in lakes or tainted tap water. They live in the U.S. and U.K."

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    4,000 Weeks Until You Die

    From user kmn20130106:

    "Might be late but I'll try anyway: If you are a healthy 20-year-old, you have around 4,000 weeks before you die.

    4,000 Fridays and that is it."

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    Humans Are Bacteria-Based

    From user ResRevolution:

    "We, as humans, are a bacteria-based species. We really are.

    It's called the Human Microbiome and is very important. All the bacteria in and on our body serves some function. We're still figuring out most of them. I know there are currently studies trying to determine the importance of bacteria in the body to help determine why people may be sick. For instance, some gut bacteria that aids in digestion; someone may be missing most of this bacteria, and as such, are having severe digestion issues. So scientists want to see if adding more bacteria (or taking more away) may fix their problem and stuff.

    Don't be afraid of bacteria, as long as it's in the right place you're okay!"