Graveyard Shift

17 People Discuss Weird, Unexplained Cases And Crime Scenes  

Amanda Sedlak-Hevener
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Law enforcement officials all have one unsolved mystery they cannot shake from their psyche. Though everyone wants justice to be cut-and-dry, the fact of the matter is that crimes often go unexplained and unsolved. The creepy tales here, straight from the keyboards of law enforcement officers on Reddit, are similar to the scary stories from the classic television show Unsolved Mysteries.

Maybe you can help determine what really happened. If not, it'll be just another ambiguous ending.

He Set Himself On Fire

From a former Redditor:

I was in a junior police academy and one of the cops told us about a call they got awhile back. And this is true, no joke. I'll tell it like a story with the details I know.

A wife and husband had just recently got married and everything was all fine and dandy, just working towards the American dream. Anyway, the husband and wife wake up one day and go about their usual routine, the husband kissing his wife goodbye and heads off for work.

Nothing strange, except the wife notices the husband left his glasses which she knew he really needed for his work. So she tries calling him, he doesn't pick up. She figures, "ahh what the heck, I'm not doing anything today," so she decides to drop off his glasses to him, his work not being that far away anyway.

So she gets in the car and heads off to her hubby's work, but as she's driving she sees a car pulled off on a dirt road and recognizes it as her husband's car. She pulls off the main road and down the dirt a bit to see if she sees her husband. Sure enough, she sees him standing off to the side of the road a bit. She gets out of her car and calls out his name. He turns his head to look at her, lights a match, and instantly engulfs in flames.

The cops showed us a picture of his body on fire in the fetal position all charred. They never found out why he did it. No suicide note, no indication, nothing.

Someone Put The Cars In The Lake

From Redditor /u/OverFemaleUsername:

A lieutenant at my old department likes to tell the story of when he was a beat cop in Northeastern Ohio in the '80s.

They got a call of car parts floating in a lake. Fearing someone was trapped underwater, they called in a dive team who found 15 cars parked in a row, all from the 1950s era, about 25-feet below the surface. Due to water damage and rust, they appeared to have been sitting there for quite some time.

It appeared that when they were left there they had been in perfect working order. All identification had been stripped off. The lake was natural and had been there forever.

They never did figure out who put the cars there, how, or why. The lieutenant thinks it was a high school prank.

Who Was Jane Doe?

From Redditor /u/laurenmichell:

One of my colleagues (a journalist) has been working with the Social Security Administration to figure out the true identity of a Jane Doe who stole the name of a deceased two-year-old then changed her name to another fake name. Here's the story:

Apparently, she was an expert. She stole the name of a baby born in Cali but who died in Washington, then changed her name in Idaho and went to college in Texas. The more states you jump between, the less likely you are to get tripped up by state databases. But keep in mind ,she did this in the '80s, before you could simple Google "identity theft."

The family found all the evidence in a box labeled "crafts" in the back of her closet after her death. She was twice removed from the person they thought she was.

Mysterious Antique Shop Murder

From Redditor /u/lmkarhoff:

In high school I worked in an antique shop for a few months for this older lady in town. We lived in a small town of about 3000 people. Now this antique shop was kind of different. It was an old building, probably built in the '50s. So the front half of the building is just an old store, but the back half was some kind of American Express shipping place?

Seriously, I have no idea what this lady did here. We had row after row lined with shelves and massive boxes containing everything from documents to random Amex merchandise. All I know is that we often times had to get out certain "file" types from these boxes and package them in smaller boxes then load them on a pallet and wrap it all up. We would package up about 20 pallets and a semi would eventually come pick them up.

Anyway, one night after getting done, I go home and do my normal nightly routine. We had a huge shipment of 30+ pallets loaded with paper ready to go out in a few days. The boss lady is going to be staying there late. She claimed she had to finish up last minute details.

It's four in the morning of the following day and my friend who also works there calls me and tells me the building is on fire. I go drive by and sure enough, the building is ablaze. I think about how I now don't have a job and go back home. 20 minutes later I get another call from our friend (the owner of the store's daughter) [who] tells us that the owner was in the building and died in there.

Skipping ahead, the fire department interviews all of us and ask[s] questions. The fire was fueled by an absurd amount of paper in the building and the start of the fire can't be identified. They just basically say screw it and tell us they have no idea how this happened.

The mystery of this is how the old lady paid us for the week (this is the middle of the week, not normal) the night before the fire. We never told anyone this but we all kind of assumed this might have been intentional. We had heard stories about her having marriage problems at home but nothing was ever confirmed. At the very least I just want to know how the fire started. Was it electrical from the old wiring? Did she fall asleep there and drop a lit cigarette? I want some closure!