Unspeakable Crimes Unsolved Mysteries Revolving Around Satanism and Satanic Rituals  

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Thousands of crimes go unsolved every year, but the murders and disappearances that have an air of the occult about them are the most unsettling. As you’ll come to find, all it takes for local crime to become a satanic murder spree are the whispers of a few neighbors, and suddenly an entire town can be turned on its head.

The satanic crimes described here don’t maintain a straight narrative; instead, they tend to twist and curve until the only thing you’re certain about is that no one will ever have all of the answers they need to definitively close any of these cases. In some instances there were arrests, but they were done with a shrug rather than a celebratory drink. Even the stories of satanic ritual that have a somewhat clear antagonist only lead to more questions with unclear answers.

One of the through-lines in these unsolved satanic mysteries is that there are people with answers about each of the crimes that have failed to come clean about their involvement in the incident. In some instances, entire towns seem to be at fault, while other stories only have a few people who know the full story of the mystery, and they’re keeping their mouths shut. Quite often, the truth behind stories of ritualistic satanic murder is like a handful of sand; the more you try to grasp it, the less you can carry. Keep reading to try and wrap your head around some of the most disturbing unsolved occult mysteries. 

Jeanette DePalma's Body on the Devil's Teeth

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Jeanette DePalma's death is one of the spookiest unsolved mysteries to come out of the spookiest state in the union, New Jersey. In 1972, DePalma's body was discovered by a dog who brought her severed arm back to town. Locals believe that the spot where DePalma's body was found (atop a cliff known as "the Devil's Teeth") was the site of multiple satanic rituals and that the police have somehow covered up the more cult-like aspects of the girl's death. 

The Skeletons of Sally McNelly & Shane Stewart

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On July 4th, 1988, young couple Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart went missing from San Angelo, TX, leaving only Shane's car as evidence that something had happened. Four months later their skeletons were found near a lake in central Texas' Hill Country, 17 miles from where they were last seen. Prior to their disappearance, Sally told some of her friends that she was involved with a group who was into ritualistic sex, and that she and Shane were trying to leave the cult and that she was afraid someone was trying to kill them. As of 2016 the murders remain unsolved, and no word of a satanic cult has been uttered in central Texas. 

The Unsolved Death of Arliss Perry

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In 1974, the body of Arliss Perry was found draped across the altar of the Memorial Church on the campus of Stanford University in Stanford, CA. The woman had been raped, beaten, and stabbed with an ice pick behind her left ear. Her murderers had shoved a votive candle into her vagina and placed a second candle in her hands, which they draped across her chest. Perry's murder has gone unsolved, and many people (including the priest that discovered her body) believe that her rape and murder was a part of a satanic ritual. 

The Jamison Family Disappearance

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The disappearance and subsequent death of the Jamison Family is one of the strangest tales of modern America. In October 2009, Bobby and Sherilynn Jamison went missing along with their six-year-old daughter Madyson. After the family's truck was discovered, it would take another four years before their bodies were found, face down in the dirt, three miles away from where their vehicle had been.

The family's pastor believes that the Jamisons were in the middle of an intense bout of "spiritual warfare" at the time of their disappearance, and went on to say that Bobby had asked him for "special bullets" and a "satanic bible" to help expel the ghosts of deceased family members from his home. 

While there's the "family ghost" theory, there's also the possibility that the Jamisons were murdered by a coven of witches for killing their cats. This is based on two key pieces of evidence. The first is an alleged "witch's bible" that was found in the Jamison's home during the investigation, and the more circumstantial of the already incredibly circumstantial evidence is some graffiti that was found inside a moving container the family was using for house-side storage that read "3 cats killed to date buy [sic] people in this area … Witches don’t like there [sic] black cat killed.” If we're being honest, no one likes their cats being killed.