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11 Super Creepy Cemeteries In The US You Can Visit Today

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Surrounded by the departed and the last markers of their mortal remains, one is never alone. At least, that's the feeling you get when visiting one of these creepy American cemeteries. The tombstones have gathered moss for hundreds of years, and the buried have long since decayed beyond recognition. Yet something of the deceased remain in these haunted US graveyards, offering proof that those buried are still far from gone.

There are many tales of ghosts haunting cemeteries, and these are but a few. Scattered throughout the United States, these locations offer a glimpse into what awaits after a person draws their last breath. Perhaps the end is more than the proverbial dirt nap. These lively cemeteries certainly seem to suggest so.

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    St. Louis Cemetery In New Orleans

    This is actually three cemeteries, with the first and second being the oldest. Built in 1789, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is the oldest existing cemetery in New Orleans and considered one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world. The cemetery is composed mostly of above-ground mausoleums like most cemeteries in the area because of New Orleans' high water table level. Notable guests at St. Louis No. 1 include Homer Plessy of the Plessy v. Ferguson and Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau.

    Laveau is said to still haunt the graveyard, wandering the alleys chanting audible voodoo curses on trespassers. She has also been said to take the form of a black cat with fiery red eyes. The ghost of her familiar, a giant black snake, also protects Laveau's grave from those who would mock her.

    Vandalism in recent years (including an incident where Laveau's tomb was painted pink) has caused the archdiocese to ban public access to the cemetery. Only registered tour groups and the families of those buried are allowed to visit.

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  • Photo: Bubba73 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Bonaventure Cemetery In Savannah

    This Southern Gothic cemetery was created in 1846. While it is not the oldest cemetery in Savannah, GA, it is allegedly the most haunted. It was originally part of the massive Bonaventure Plantation owned by Colonel John Mullryne in the 1760s, then changed hands several times until it became a private cemetery in 1802. Bonaventure was sold to the City of Savannah in 1907.

    Today, visitors report hearing the sounds of ghostly voices at a party echoing through the graveyard. Additionally, the grave of the child Gracie Watson is said to be haunted. Many have heard the sounds of a girl crying, and the statue has been reported to weep blood.

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  • Photo: JefferyGoldman / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

    Westminster Hall And Burial Ground In Maryland

    This Baltimore graveyard is the final resting place of Edgar Allen Poe. Established in 1786 as the Westminster Presbyterian cemetery and located next to Westminster Hall, both the hall and cemetery are said to be haunted.

    The apparition of Poe has been seen in the graveyard, perhaps lamenting his untimely demise. The notorious "Skull of Cambridge" is also buried here. Said to be the head of a slain minister, the skull allegedly emits screams that can drive people mad.

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    Greenwood Cemetery In Illinois

    According to legend, this cemetery was originally a Native American burial ground before white settlers started laying to rest their deceased there in the 1830s. The graveyard was officially established in 1857.

    A variety of supernatural manifestations have been reported at Greenwood. The ghosts of Confederate soldiers whose bodies supposedly were dumped in a hillside have been seen, appearing near what is now a war memorial. Another often reported ghost is that of the "Greenwood Bride," a woman in a wedding dress whose fiance was slain.

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