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11 Super Creepy Cemeteries In The US You Can Visit Today

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Surrounded by the departed and the last markers of their mortal remains, one is never alone. At least, that's the feeling you get when visiting one of these creepy American cemeteries. The tombstones have gathered moss for hundreds of years, and the buried have long since decayed beyond recognition. Yet something of the deceased remains in these haunted US graveyards, offering proof that those buried are still far from gone.

There are many tales of ghosts haunting cemeteries, and these are but a few. Scattered throughout the United States, these locations offer a glimpse into what awaits after a person draws their last breath. Perhaps the end is more than the proverbial dirt nap. These lively cemeteries certainly seem to suggest so.

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    Glenwood Cemetery In Mississippi

    Located in Yazoo City, this cemetery was created around 1856. It is the burial site of the famed Witch of Yazoo. Legend tells of an old woman who lived near the Yazoo River who was found tormenting fishermen. A sheriff chased her through the swamp and caught up with her just in time to watch her sink into quicksand and drown. With her last breath, she cursed the town, saying, "In 20 years, I will return and burn this town to the ground!"

    On May 25, 1904, the town did indeed burn down. A total of 324 buildings were wiped out. When the townspeople approached the grave of the famed witch, the chains that normally surrounded the grave were apparently broken in two.

  • Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery In Chicago
    Photo: Cobra97 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
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    Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery In Chicago

    This small abandoned cemetery is known for being one of the most haunted locations in the country. The land in this area south of Chicago was first settled in the 1820s, and the graveyard was set aside in 1864. It is reportedly home to a large amount of paranormal phenomena, including a phantom house, spirit orbs, disappearing cars, and full-bodied apparitions. According to legend, during the Prohibition era, the remains of those slain by gangsters were found in the cemetery's adjacent lagoon, along with some illicit firearms.

    The most famous apparition is known as the "Madonna of Bachelor's Grove." She is a lady dressed in white who often appears holding an infant on moonlit nights. In 1991, members of the Ghost Research Society conducted an investigation of the site. During the investigation, one investigator managed to capture an image of a woman who appeared to be sitting on a tombstone. The apparition was not present during the investigation and only appeared later when they developed the film.

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    Chestnut Hill Cemetery In Rhode Island

    During the late 1800s, disease ravaged a family in Exeter, RI. After a farmer's wife and two daughters passed from the same mysterious illness, he and the townsfolk began suspecting vampirism was at work. They exhumed the bodies of his wife Mary and daughters Mary and Mercy. While the remains of both Marys were decomposing normally, Mercy's remains looked strangely well-preserved, leading them to believe she was a vampire. In one story, they desecrated her grave, cut out her heart, and burned it. They mixed the ashes with water and served it to the farmer's son Edwin, but that failed to cure his disease, which we now know was tuberculosis.

    After Mercy's passing and exhumation, people have reported seeing her ghost rise from the grave and wander through the graveyard. Others have seen orbs and heard strange sounds near her grave. Though the vampire myth persists, most now believe that the ghost is a result of the grave desecration. 

  • Resurrection Cemetery In Chicago
    Photo: MrHarman / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
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    Resurrection Cemetery In Chicago

    This Roman Catholic cemetery was consecrated in 1904 and officially opened in 1912. It is also the alleged home of "Resurrection Mary." According to one of the legends about this ghost, Mary was attending a dance at the Oh Henry Ballroom one night in the 1930s. After getting into an argument with her boyfriend, she decided to walk home. She never made it, instead becoming the target of a hit-and-run somewhere near the cemetery. In another version of the story, based on the real passing of Mary Bregovy in 1934, Mary was slain in a car accident and haunts Resurrection Cemetery because she is interred there. 

    Since then, there have been many sightings of Mary. She appears on the side of the road or at a nearby dance hall. She asks for a ride home - her "home" being the place she was laid to rest in the Resurrection Cemetery. After the car stops in front of the graveyard, she gets out and disappears.