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14 Insanely Creepy Vault Backstories In Fallout

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The vaults in the Fallout series are an absolute staple of the games, but who knew there would be so many scary vaults with haunting backstories? Below, we showcase some of the weirdest and creepiest vaults in Fallout, including the original titles, as well as Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Fans know that vaults are a staple of the series - when the nuclear apocalypse occurs, people seal themselves into the vaults in the hopes of continuing humanity as the radioactive Earth calms down and until people can survive above ground once again. However, Vault-Tec uses the vaults to run disturbing experiments on people, leading to disastrous effects. 

Vaults include everything from Vault 12, which creates the scourge of ghouls, to tragic vaults, like Vault 3, where people are slaughtered by outsiders. But when thinking about creepy vaults in Fallout games, the scariest one of all has to be Vault 11, where the people are forced to vote an Overseer to be slain in order to protect the remainder of the vault. 

We've rounded up some of the best vaults with creepy backstories. Check out each Fallout vault backstory and vote for your favorites.

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    Vault 108 - Gary's Vault

    Photo: Fallout / Bethesda

    With most positions unfilled, an Overseer who was guaranteed to perish in 40 years, no entertainment supplies, and triple the amount of items as other vaults, what could possibly go wrong?

    The result was unusual - the dwellers created a grand cloning experiment, where 54 clones of a dweller named Gary were made. The Garies were hostile to anyone not named Gary, and slew everyone. 

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    Vault 106 - Tripping Balls Vault

    Photo: Fallout / Bethesda

    In the Capital Wasteland, 10 days after the vault was sealed, mind-altering substances were pumped into the air. The inhabitants were not notified, and any adverse effects were blamed on the filtration system.

    Many became relaxed, but others went insane and most perished. Many who entered the vault succumbed to hallucinations, rendering them insane survivors who would try to slay you.

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    Vault 22 - Spore Vault

    Photo: Fallout / Bethesda

    After some wild genetic experiments with plants, the plants became hostile and sentient, slaying everyone.

    Going into the vault left a creepy feeling up your spine - until the plants got up and tried to end you. 

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    Vault 112 - VR Vault

    Photo: Fallout / Bethesda

    The private vault of Stanislaus Braun, it was a small place that had a lot of VR pods, where people lived in a strange virtual utopia.

    Braun was a sadistic individual who used the other inhabitants as playthings, tormenting them for years. 

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