Graveyard Shift Creepy Ghost Stories and Legends from Vietnam  

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To people from the West, Vietnam is a country full of mystery and intrigue. And as with any place so full of history and folklore, some of the country's creepy mysteries and legends are scary enough to keep you up at night. Be they urban legends, stories of ghouls and ghosts walking the battlefields or tales of dark and dangerous cryptids and spirits, Vietnam has a host of ghost stories and legends sure to send chills down the spine of even the toughest reader.

Along with legends and lore from history, modern day Vietnam has its own tales of terror that found their way onto this list. So read on and just try to sleep tonight after learning about these ghost stories and legends from Vietnam.

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Thuan Kieu Plaza

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Photo: Wikimapia/CC-BY-SA

In the heart of Saigon's busy Chinatown district is a series of three towers that each stands 33 floors tall. Buildings A and B are completely deserted, while building C has just 20 units occupied. Thuan Kieu Plaza was built to be a busy shopping, entertainment, and residential area, though it is practically deserted now.

Two main stories surround this complex. During construction in the late '80s, a number of workers died due to poor safety standards. When no proper compensation was arranged a Chinese spell (called "Lo Ban" after a legendary Chinese carpenter) was cast on the site. Accidents and problems have beset the 100,000-square-meters of concrete ever since.

Additionally, people have been scared away from the complex since a taxi driver's story began to spread. The story goes that the taxi driver was called to pick up a girl at the complex, but when he arrived the place was empty. He called the girl on the phone and all he could hear on the other end of the line was heavy breathing and muffled screams. Terrified, he drove away. The driver was told the girl was likely the ghost of a girl who was murdered by her boyfriend on the site in 2005.

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Ghost Girl at the Supermarket

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Photo:  Lustrous/Pixabay/CC0 1.0

In this story, a young girl visits Big C Hai Phong over lunch to buy some groceries and a washing machine and has them delivered to her house. The delivery man takes the goods to her home and the door is opened by an old lady. The old lady refuses to take the goods and says she has not been shopping. When the driver reads the name, age and address of the girl on the receipt, the old lady bursts into tears. He had read the name of her daughter who had died months before. The deliveryman, scared and angry, confronts the cashier who produces the exact amount of money in the transaction - proof the girl, or someone, had bought the items and had them delivered to her mother.

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The Bloodthirsty Grandma Next Door

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Photo: borkazoid/flickr/CC-BY-NC 2.0

Before refrigeration, families had to dry out their meat by hanging it in the backyard. In this tale from a rural Vietnamese village, one couple noticed their meat was going missing at night. To solve the mystery, they stayed up to watch the sick old grandmother from next door leaping their fence around midnight and devouring the meat raw with a demonic look on her face.

A few days later, the couple went out for the night, leaving their children with a babysitter. They returned home just in time to hear a scream from their infant's room. Rushing in, they found the old lady chewing off the arm of their baby on her nightly hunt for fresh meat.

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Tunnel Rats

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Photo: United States Forces - Iraq (Inactive)/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

Tunnel Rats were American, Australian, and New Zealand soldiers who performed dangerous search-and-destroy missions during the Vietnam War. Thousands of soldiers lost their lives trying to clear out tunnels in terrain they weren't familiar with. Many died from bullets and shrapnel, many others from biological traps such as pit vipers and scorpions.

Decades later, some believe that the ghosts of many of these soldiers haunt the tunnels and the soil itself to this day.

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