Graveyard Shift The Creepiest Websites On The Internet To Trigger You  

Michael Grimes
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This list of creepy websites is not for the faint of heart, as it contains some of the weirdest and scariest pages on the internet. Trigger warnings often accompany these sites; some have even run into legal trouble for the content they publish. Fans of the horror genre will struggle with interactive tours of creepy locations like the online game White Enamel or Hashima Island. Meanwhile, sites like Plane Crash Info, Death Row Information, and Death Map give you all-too real statistics and updates on deaths. These websites have archived creepy events, including A Columbine Site, which gives detailed insight into the creepy killers at Columbine High School. The internet is a weird place filled with horror, and these scary sites are some of the weirdest you will find. 

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Best Gore: Canadian Gore Site Whose Founder Landed In Jail

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Best Gore is not a compilation of your favorite Al Gore clips - it's a Canadian shock site with graphic videos of things like beheadings and dismemberment. The owner of the site was actually arrested for violating Canadian public morals and obscenity laws. However, contributors continue to keep the site active by posting every day. 
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Fifth Nail: A Convicted Serial Killer And Violent Sexual Predator Blog

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Fifth Nail is the blog of a convicted serial killer and violent sexual predator. The pedophile, who has been raping young people since he was a teenager in the 70s, also happens to be an avid blogger. This blog is rarely updated but the sex offender and murderer, Joseph E. Duncan III, reportedly hand-wrote posts from prison and sent them to a creep who typed them up on the site.

Those who want to get inside the mind of a maniac can browse this scary online journal. Just know that you may not like what you find.

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Plane Crash Info: Audio Of Plane Crash Pilots' Last Words And More

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Plane Crash Info gives you accident stats, reports, maps, photos, and last words of plane crash victims. Want to read the transcript from the Flight 93 cockpit on September 11th, 2001? Of course not! Unfortunately, this creepy website gives you that and more, as people can even listen to MP3s of flights crashing, accompanied by the final words of those on board. 
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White Enamel: A Horrifying Walk Through An Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

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White Enamel is a creepy online game wherein you point and click your way around a haunted insane asylum. Arguably more like a horror movie than a fun game, White Enamel will haunt you from its creepy soundtrack of an old man singing to its abandoned location.

The word "eerie" does not begin to describe this site, which will be a bad choice for those who get easily scared. White Enamel is a "walkthrough" game that might land you in an abandoned psychiatric hospital yourself once you're done playing it.

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