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The Creepiest Websites On The Internet To Trigger You

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This list of creepy websites is not for the faint of heart, as it contains some of the weirdest and scariest pages on the internet. Trigger warnings often accompany these sites; some have even run into legal trouble for the content they publish. Fans of the horror genre will struggle with interactive tours of eerie locations on sites like White Enamel and Hashima Island.

Meanwhile, other sites give you all-too-real statistics and updates on the macabre. These websites have archived creepy events, including A Columbine Site, which gives detailed insight into the teens responsible for the tragedy at Columbine High School. The internet is a weird place filled with horror, and these bizarre websites are some of the strangest you will find. 

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    'Bongcheon-Dong Ghost': An Online Comic That Will Terrify You

    Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is an online comic that is far from comical. In fact, it's downright disturbing. That's why Bongcheon-Dong Ghost comes with a "trigger warning" advising "pregnant women, the elderly, and those with weak hearts" against viewing.

    It's also why most people barely stick around for more than a minute on this website.

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    Skyway Bridge: Tracking The Suicides From A Particular Bridge

    The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is the fourth most popular bridge for people looking to take their own lives, and this website tracks those incidents. People can click around and find recent people who have jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, which is on the West Coast of Florida. The "jumper pages" creepily take you back through the decades in order to show the popularity of this long-running, morbid tradition.

    On one part of the site, you can even fill out an online form in order to report a "jumper" who has leaped (including a link to their Facebook page).

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    Hashima Island: A Place To Explore The Real 'Forgotten World' Off The Coast Of Japan

    Hashima Island lets the people of the internet drag and click around this "forgotten world" off the coast of Japan. What's so creepy about this site is that Hashima Island is a real place, known as "the ghost island of Japan." From the "Stairway to Hell" to the coal mine, this website was brilliantly designed to creep absolutely everyone out.

    It even uses Google Street View to make you feel like you are really in this eerie and terrifying location.

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    Death Date: A Site That Will Tell You When It's Your Time To Go

    Death Date asks you the question, "So you want to know when?" Plug in some data about yourself in the form and learn your approximate expiration date. Based on your height, weight, birth date, gender, and the stimulants you ingest (e.g., cigarettes, alcohol, or other substances), this site calculates the day you will pass. 

    If your predicted end date wasn't creepy enough, the site gives you exactly how much time you theoretically have left to live before your inevitable decay. This includes a countdown to the exact second, as well as a "percent of life passed" section just so you can see how much you are wasting your life.

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