People Who Work Alone Describe Their Creepiest Experiences On The Job

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Few things freak people out as much as being alone - not necessarily in the relationship sense, but the actual deafening and eerie stillness of being isolated in a place where no one would know if something happened to you. When you get down to it, complete isolation sounds horrifying, but for people who work alone, it just becomes part of the process.

Scary stories from people who work alone reveal just how lucky you are to work in an office full of coworkers. Sure, they can get annoying, but at least you're among other warm bodies. Much like people who work graveyard shifts, people who work alone tend to become spooked once they realize they might not be alone, but rather, in the company of an unknown party. Redditors who work alone shared their most terrifying stories from being on the job, frightful moments that don't in any way sound worth the paycheck.


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    Something Set Off The Morgue Freezer Alarm

    From Redditor /u/dedmedstud:

    I worked as an assistant in a morgue. As a med student, I got to open and study the bodies that people donated to the university. All the bodies were stored in a giant walk-in freezer. Also, the morgue had a motion sensor system inside the freezer, so if you get [stuck] inside, an alarm would activate and someone would come to help you.

    One time I was working alone because my teacher was doing some paperwork in his office that was in an adjacent building. I heard a lot of noise but I thought it was my teacher in the other building or something like that. 

    When suddenly the f*cking alarm goes off, scaring the sh*t out of me.

    In that moment I was like "Sh*t, the teacher is [stuck] inside the freezer." 

    And when I was running to the freezer, my teacher grabbed my arm and told me "I thought you were inside the freezer."

    In that moment we stayed there staring at the door until he stopped the alarm and opened the door. (I was behind him with a f*cking broom, waiting for the worst)

    When he opened the freezer we didn't find anything that could activate the motion sensor, there wasn't anybody, at least not alive. We decided that it was enough for the day and we left the morgue early.

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    A Toy Store Worker Freaked Out When The Local Ghost Responded To His Wager

    From Redditor /u/KINGCOOVER:

    My dad worked at the haunted Toys R Us in Sunnyvale CA. He worked as a night watchman back in the day to pay for school. Cool gig, got to sit around and study while being paid for doing next to nothing. Learned to juggle and play guitar too. 

    Weird stuff happened there all the time. Objects would fall off shelves as you walked past them, lights flickered on-and-off from time to time, noises from the other side of the hall, stuff like that.

    So there he was in a big mostly dark store, all by himself, thinking about the ghost. He said aloud, "if there is a ghost here, then that balloon, the red one in the middle of the roof will pop." Right as he finished the sentence, the balloon burst. Suffice to say he turned on all the lights in the building and got as close to a door as he could for the rest of the shift.

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    The Ghost Of A Former Patient Haunted An Adolescent Rehab Center

    From Redditor /u/WE_Coyote73:

    I worked overnights in an adolescent RTC for a short time. About a week into the job I was told about "Amanda." Amanda was a resident from around 10 years prior who managed to hang herself in the shower. According to my co-workers she would sometimes make appearances at night in the form of making a whimpering sound in the supply room or on very rare occasions she would actually appear in the corner of the hallway nearest her old room. I blew off the story, thinking they were just messing with the new guy until...

    One night, about two months later, I was doing rounds while my partner took a smoke break. I was checking the kids were asleep when I saw a girl sitting in the corner of the hallway with her arms around knees, which were pulled up to her chin, something about her body language told me she was really sad. I started to approach her but heard a noise from behind me, I checked to find nothing awry and when I looked back to the corner the girl was gone.

    When my coworker returned from his smoke-break I told him what I saw and he said "Yep, that's Amanda."

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    A College Student Was Freaked Out By An Isolated Computer Lab

    From Redditor /u/Wess_is_Bestin:

    So my major has a computer lab that is two stories underground. I have spent countless hours using these computers and I have spent nights down in what us students call "the dungeon." One night, around 2 AM, I went down the hall to go get some water. The lights use motion sensors.

    As I was filling my water bottle, the last light turned on at the end of the hall. So there was this dark gap between me and this last light way down the hall. I was mildly creeped out, but then I saw something move in the darkness between me and the light. I proceeded to nope my way home promptly.

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    A Movie Theater Night Janitor Felt Like He Was Being Watched

    From Redditor /u/nasdarovye:

    Used to be a night janitor in a movie theater. We would go in at 4 AM and clean until the doors opened at 11 AM. To save time (and our jobs) we would sometimes come in around the time the last movies were finishing and just sleep in one of the empty theaters, making sure we would be there when the shift started.

    Our basic MO was to use electric leaf blowers up and down the aisles of each theater, blowing popcorn and trash all the way to the bottom, then cleaning the seats up manually for anything gross or larger debris. This was expedient, but it was very loud, so it was easy to lose yourself in the work.

    Of course, the lights were on in the theaters to better assist in the cleaning, and usually, we were the only ones there at the time, so whenever something strange happened we would chalk it up to the other guy.

    There was one "standing rule" though, that we all followed to the letter: No one in the projection booth. There was no reason to go up there - we didn't clean it, all our supplies were downstairs, and most of all, it was haunted.

    There is a phenomenon that happens with theaters and projection booths, no matter what, you always feel like you're being watched.

    When you're walking around deaf (from the sound of the blowers) in an empty movie theater, and you happen to glance up at the booth, and there is unmistakably someone standing there watching you, you will sh*t your pants. Especially when you go out into the hallway and find the other guy in his theater working. Especially when you both go to either end of the building to the two exits of the booth, and "trap" whoever it was up there and there is no one there.

    We just chose not to f*ck with it.

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    A Missionary Worker Was Scared As Witch Doctors Passed By

    From Redditor /u/SunsetDreams1111:


    I was working in the villages of Malawi, Africa, and came to one community very isolated and remote. The children stopped going to school because these guys were terrorizing them. They were witch doctors and if caught they’d take the kids into the cemetery and do crazy things. They also terrorized the widows and others in the community.

    When they told me the story, I thought they might be exaggerating a bit. I didn’t ever feel scared when I was in the villages and since they are cut off from technology, I thought maybe it was just a bit of folklore passed away to create fear.

    Then one day I was sitting on a banana fibers mat with a widow and drinking tea. I couldn’t speak the tribal language, so we just smiled and drank together in silence and peace. All of the sudden I heard like this grunting sound. An electric bolt of fear crept down my body. I can’t even explain how intense this fear was. It’s like I just froze and couldn’t even turn around. I just FELT evil and darkness around me.

    Anyway, these witch doctors surrounded us for awhile and just grunted and hissed and made these animal noises. We didn’t move an inch. We never turned around. They were so close and literally right behind us, and all I could think the entire time was I’d feel a spear in my neck any second.

    After awhile they left and eventually my transportation arrived. A few other Americans were in other villages and came for my pickup. I remember once I got in the car I couldn’t even speak for awhile what had happened. My words and stories don’t do justice to what I felt that day. I never knew darkness like that existed - but it does.