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People Who Work Alone Describe Their Creepiest Experiences On The Job

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Few things freak people out as much as being alone - not necessarily in the relationship sense, but the actual deafening and eerie stillness of being isolated in a place where no one would know if something happened to you. When you get down to it, complete isolation sounds horrifying, but for people who work alone, it just becomes part of the process.

Scary stories from people who work alone reveal just how lucky you are to work in an office full of coworkers. Sure, they can get annoying, but at least you're among other warm bodies. Much like people who work graveyard shifts, people who work alone tend to become spooked once they realize they might not be alone, but rather, in the company of an unknown party. Redditors who work alone shared their most terrifying stories from being on the job, frightful moments that don't in any way sound worth the paycheck.

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