Graveyard Shift

Creepy, Gory, and Straight-Up WTF TV Commercials

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Imagine you're sitting in the dark watching a scary re-run of The X-Files on TV, when it cuts to commercial. An ad comes on where a group of people are driving down a desolate road when all of a sudden, a demon leaps on the hood of their car, terrifying the both of you!

While perhaps not the wisest way to build brand loyalty, some companies have gone for the creeps to get a consumer's attention, and it's certainly a useful way for a PSA to make a lasting impression. And while those scary commercials are intentionally creepy, others frighten the hell out of us without meaning to via unsettling mascots and disturbing toys.

From vintage dolls who will have you in proverbial (and literal?) stitches, to horrifying clowns, to a bed-in-breakfast delivery that will have you wondering just how long a bobble-headed king watched an unaware man sleep, these horribly creepy TV commercials are sure to scare the crap out of you.