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The Creepiest Thing About You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Updated April 14, 2020 7.1m views12 items
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Whether you believe in astrology or not, you've probably heard all about what your astrological sign reveals about you. From auspicious dating advice to personalized makeup suggestions, the stars seem to have a lot to say about us, and most of it ranges from fun and benign to thought-provoking and introspective.

Most astrology followers opt to pick out the good qualities listed for their sign and pretend that nothing scary, weird, or gross exists in their charts. The bad news is there are creepy zodiac sign traits, and no one is safe - especially you, Scorpio. Each sun sign has its own set of negative qualities and if you are well-versed in all that is the stars, you probably already have an inkling of an idea of what the creepiest thing about you according to your zodiac is. Keep learning about the different zodiac signs with Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life, which uses the key principles of astrology to examine each sign's place in the world.