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12 Brutal And Shocking Crimes Perpetrated By Rich White Women

Crimes committed by women, especially murder, are a rarity, but they certainly exist. What's even more startling, however, are women criminals who come from wealthy and privileged backgrounds. While many vicious deviants have suffered horrible pasts themselves, most of these criminal rich white women seemed to have the world at their feet. Wealthy white women who commit crimes stray from the norm of people forced into a life of crime by their circumstances. Vicious female criminals come from all backgrounds. 

From housewives to nobility to models, these women turned to crime despite the outward appearance of having it all. These murder Barbies prove that looks can definitely be deceiving, and these horrendous crimes by women might make you look twice at the housewife next door.

  • A Jealous Housewife Killed Her Ex-Husband And His New Wife

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    When Betty Broderick married Daniel Broderick III in 1969, they seemed like they'd be the picture-perfect suburban couple. Betty worked as the breadwinner while Daniel attended law school. He later became a prominent lawyer and Betty was a socialite of San Diego. Beginning in the 1980s, though, Betty began to become suspicious that Daniel was having an affair with Linda Kolkena, the 21-year-old he'd recently hired. Later, as the marriage began to spiral out of control, Daniel filed for divorce against Betty's wishes, beginning a four-year legal battle over the pair's finances. 

    Not winning the settlement she desired or custody of her children (who she'd dropped on Daniel's front doorstep over the years) Betty Broderick became increasingly unstable and violated Daniel's restraining orders against her by obsessively making obscene phone calls to his home and even driving a truck through his front door. In 1989 she drove to Daniel's home where he lived with his Kolkena - his new wife - and shot the pair execution style. Betty was convicted for 32 years to life, and was denied parole due to her lack of remorse.

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    A Hotelier Was Dubbed "The Queen Of Mean"

    Billionaire real-estate tycoon Leona Helmsley exposed the world to a new level of greed when she was convicted of 33 felony counts of fraud and evading $1.2 million in federal taxes in 1989. Helmsley, nicknamed "The Queen of Mean" for her terrible treatment of employees, was quoted by a former housekeeper as stating, "Only the little people pay taxes."

    The already rich Helmsley became even richer after her marriage to Harry Helmsley in 1972, after which she became president of Helmsley Hotels. She was known for her tyrannical behavior, often reportedly yelling obscenities at employees before firing them, and sued for firing an employee because he was homosexual. Her 1989 trial made her a notorious figure, and after initially receiving a 16-year sentence, she ended up serving 21 months. She also may have had her employees perform her community service work. She died in 2007 at age 87.

  • A Soccer Mom Madame Ran A High Class Sex Ring

    Anna Gristina led somewhat of a double life. For fifteen years she acted not only as a typical suburban wife and mother but also ran an Upper East Side brothel that sold women to high-class executives, politicians, and celebrities, raking in tens of millions of dollars.

    The FBI investigated Gristina for five years before finally catching her after she offered to let two undercover agents watch two of her prostitutes have sex. Adding to the evidence against her, her former prostitute turned partner Jaynie Mae Baker ended up turning on Gristina and confessing everything. Gristina eventually pled guilty and received six months in prison. 

  • Photo: Rowlett Police Department, Dallas and Rockwall counties, Texas, U.S. / Wikipedia / Fair Use

    A Texas Mother Was Accused Of Stabbing Her Sons

    Darlie Routier's wealth became an important subject for the jury in her 1997 trial over the murder of her two young sons. Routier, who lived in a middle-class Texas neighborhood, was married to Darin Routier, who earned a high income with the success of his small business in the '90s. According to the prosecution, Routier was a "pampered" and "materialistic" woman who'd grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle and found herself in debt. They claimed her motive to kill was to for financial gain.

    In June 1996, Routier called police to the home sometime after 2 am to report an intruder. When police arrived, they found the two boys stabbed to death, and Routier with superficial wounds. Her husband and youngest son remained unharmed and asleep upstairs. The case against Routier included the crime scene itself, which appeared staged. Doctors who treated her suggested her wounds were likely self-inflicted, and a video of her at her son's grave appearing happy and spraying silly string was shown to jurors. Routier was convicted only for the murder of her 5-year-old son Damon.

    Routier is currently on death row, but many still believe she is innocent. One of the chief medical examiners testified that a wound to her neck was very close to her carotid artery and was not self-inflicted, and DNA from the crime scene is being retested.