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17 Crimes That Were Solved Thanks to Surveillance Footage

Surveillance cameras have become a vital part of crime fighting in the last few decades. In nearly seven out of 10 murders, surveillance footage is used to help solve the crime. Fortunately for law enforcement, criminals don't seem to be getting much smarter, even as the technology to catch them is. The world is becoming more and more surveilled each day thanks to the falling costs of cameras, and crimes are routinely being solved thanks to all forms of surveillance footage. 

More and more, criminals are being thwarted by surveillance cameras, with some burglars even being caught in the act by homeowners monitoring real-time surveillance footage of their houses from afar. The number of crimes caught on surveillance cameras continues to rise, leaving criminals everywhere scrambling.

From catching petty thieves, murderers, and even terrorists, surveillance footage is now an integral part of law enforcement. Sometimes the entire criminal act is caught by one camera, other times, fragments of footage from several different cameras are pieced together to identify the culprits. Either way, surveillance has undoubtedly made a sizable impact on crime and law enforcement, and with the increasing use of things like body cameras for officers, this trend is sure to continue.