Graveyard Shift Horrifying Real-Life Crimes Committed By Demons  

Mick Jacobs

Instead of pleading their innocence or insanity, some criminals lead with the defense of demonic possession, all revealed in the video below. For some reason or another, the devils of the world, apparently not nearly nefarious enough on their own, decided to use humans to carry out their dirty deeds.

Multiple killers over the years claimed to suffer from demonic possessions that drove them to murder innocent people. Using vessels ranging from household pets to ride-sharing apps, the demons invaded the minds of these people and enforced their will upon their victims.

In fact a quite famous killer, the Son of Sam, said the devil and god both fought for control over his mind, to the point that some consider him to be a bizarre prophet.

But when a criminal goes by the name Pazuzu while rocking a forked tongue, he probably wanted to get possessed by a demon in the first place. In such instances, if you used the defense "demon made me do it," prosecutors would respond by saying you asked for it. Watch the video to see if you believe the demons really did make him do it.