15 Shocking And Depraved Crimes Committed By Siblings

Siblings have a strange relationship with one another that no one else can really penetrate. Unfortunately, these close bonds can also lead siblings to some very dark places. History is filled with brothers and sisters that committed crimes together, and it seems none of the crimes are simple.

Every crime committed by a sibling duo has a strange energy surrounding it. In some cases, that energy is sexual; and in others, it is simply mysterious. It often seems like there’s something missing from the reports of these crimes. Maybe it’s the unknown allegiances between the killer siblings that give these stories an unhinged air. Whatever it is, brothers and sisters that kill people are disturbing and fascinating.

Most of the sibling crimes that are detailed in this collection of creepy brothers and sisters have a similar narrative arc. The stories involve fairly normal siblings who snap out of nowhere and murder their families, or people that they’ve known for years. Some of the siblings were fueled by jealously, others were definitely aided by a chemical substance, but all of these crimes committed by brothers and sisters are incredibly unsettling.

Do you and your sibling share an unnatural bond? Do you feel like no one else in the world understands what it’s like to be in your shared mental connection? Tell us about your creepy relationship with your brother or sister in the comments. 


  • The Menendez Brothers Murdered Their Parents to Cash in on Their Inheritance

    The Menendez Brothers Murdered Their Parents to Cash in on Their Inheritance
    Video: YouTube

    The Menendez Brothers are easily one of the creepiest sibling duos in recent memory. These 80s bad-guy-wannabes were so upset with their lot in life that they murdered their parents before cashing a hefty inheritance check and flashing their cash all around Los Angeles.

    After their inevitable capture by the police, their team of lawyers tried to mount a defense that centered around the non-existent sexual assault they had allegedly suffered under their father, but juries saw through that and sent these Ralph Lauren rejects straight to prison. 

  • Brother and Sister Have Mommy Issues

    Brother and Sister Have Mommy Issues
    Video: YouTube

    Um, we're pretty sure this couldn't happen anywhere else but Oklahoma. In September of 2016, a man from Duncan, Oklahoma, came forward to offer support to his brother and sister, who were both somehow married to their mother.

    Cody Spann tells a very confusing story about how his older brother married their mother; then, after that marriage was annulled, his mother married their sister, Misty. 

    And don't worry about Cody, he doesn't feel left out of his mother's incestuous love triangle. When asked if she ever propositioned to him, he said, "She only tried it once and I told her to get lost, I would never be with my biological mom, that is disgusting, I came from that woman."

  • Brother and Sister Keep Their Marriage Secret for 20 Years

    Everyone loves a secret, but some secrets need to be more well-guarded than others. For instance, this two-decade-long marriage between a brother and sister in Austria who are going by names of "Tom" and "Lena."

    Their relationship began after one of Lena's boyfriends cheated on her when she was 17. She and her brother had a heart-to-heart, and after a few glasses of wine, things progressed naturally. After 20 years, the couple have a child together, but they have to keep the nature of their relationship a secret out of fear of persecution from their friends, and Germany's strict laws regarding incest. 

  • Kenneth and Kari Allen Buried Their Grandparents in the Basement

    Kenneth and Kari Allen Buried Their Grandparents in the Basement
    Photo: 6News

    Aren't grandparents the worst? Kenneth and Kari Allen, a brother and sister duo from Indianapolis, certainly thought so. In 2004, the Allens killed their mother, grandmother, and grandfather with a hammer before dismembering their bodies, encasing them in concrete, and burying them in their grandfather's basement. Why? So they could cash in on their grandfather's $200,000 in savings. That kind of money goes a long way in Indiana.